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The Mission Behind Hillstone Partners and CEO Rayol Hwang



The Mission Behind Hillstone Partners and CEO Rayol Hwang

What is Hillstone Partners’ mission?

Hillstone Partners has provided opportunities for local investment and mergers and acquisitions in Korea for close to thirty years. We are shifting our focus from local to global by leveraging blockchain technology. Before we used to raise funds exclusively from local investors, but if we use blockchain, Hillstone can facilitate global investments and build a border-less investment that overcomes geographical and legislative constraints. Blockchain is the only effective way to raise these funds.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been interested in what is new. When I was at university, I alternated between going to school and working to pay for school. After eight years, I realized that I was more excited to start businesses, so I quit school and got started with my first business venture in fashion design. I’ve been involved in eighteen start-ups over the last 20 years or so. For me, being an entrepreneur has been about being a pioneer. I want to bring something new to people and I’m excited when I see people connect with that product.

If you could go back and do something differently, what would you do?

I have been involved in a lot of businesses over the years, and I don’t think I would do much differently. I think that all of my experiences – both successes and failures – have led me to this moment. I think that Hillstone Partners requires all of my knowledge and experience to make the business successful, and I’m excited about that opportunity.

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