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The New L.O.L. Surprise 2019 Toys



The New L.O.L. Surprise 2019 Toys

Check out all the awesome new dolls and pets that are part of the Winter Disco series.

We have long been waiting for the release of the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco series and surprisingly, MGA Entertainment has finally published the official collector’s guide of the new series, meaning it’s definitely coming out real soon.

The L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco collection is just one of the many exciting holiday toys to gift this year and with the arrival of the new Winter Disco series, collectors are surely going to have a merry holiday.

Last month, we have uncovered some of the most exciting new items to be part of the Winter Disco series, including the Chalet and Snow Bus, as well as the upcoming Glitter Globes, Lils and Fluffy Petsas well as the Winter Disco #OOTD Advent Calendar. They all form part of the wonderful Winter Disco series that will surely make for a glittery and sparkly experience this holiday.

This year, collect as much as 12 Glitter Globe dolls, of which one is rare and one is ultra-rare. The rare one is named Tinsel and her ultra-rare sister is Sleigh Babe. Check them all out here:

Meanwhile, the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Fluffy Pets collection features a total of 18 pets that you can collect, including 5 fancy ones, 2 rare and 1 ultra-rare whose name is Hootie-Cutie.

The Lils collection in the Winter Disco series, on the other hand, will feature 5 Fluffy Pets and 7 baby L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls. The Kitten is the only rare collectible in the group, while Lil Glamour Queen is the ultra-rare one to surely watch out for.

All of these cute little dolls and pets are part of the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco series that will surely be the highlight of Christmas 2019.
Check out all the other L.O.L. Surprise! items that are part of the Top 15 L.O.L. Surprise! Collectibles this year, including the L.O.L. Surprise! House and the L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper with 55+ Surprises.

To get notified when the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco series hits the major retail outlets, download The Tracker app. It’s now listing the new doll collection. Subscribe to the L.O.L. Surprise Winter Disco stock tracker now.

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