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The story of Veronika Quintana-James: How being a transformation coach transformed her life



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Veronika Quintana-James was born on the 29th of June in the year 1998. She is one of 5 siblings, her mother and father gave each of them the best possible life they could, until calamity struck. In 2019, her father was diagnosed with a very rare heart disease. Shortly after his diagnosis he passed away 5 months later.  The loss of their father definitely shook the children, but they tried their utmost not to show their sorrow to their mother, who must have been hit the hardest. Little by little, with each other’s support and love to fill the gap left by their father, the family pulled through.

Veronika considers this story, integral to who she is today. It showed her that without having someone by your side, life can fall to shambles, even when the going isn’t tough. This realisation only further solidified her desire to get into a career which would provide the necessary help and support to others when they most needed it.

After finishing high school from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts specializing in vocal music, Veronika did her graduation from George Brown College for Hospitality and Tourism. With this degree she worked in many jobs such as being a personal trainer, a 1-on-1 special needs camp counselor, a swimming instructor, a skating instructor and barista. However, none of these jobs had the same appeal as being a fitness coach, which is different from a personal trainer.

This was because Veronika had her own experience in the past- when she was in high school she was a competitive hockey player. But as well as she may have played, neither the competitors nor her own teammates would take her seriously all because of her body. She was considered skinny and fragile but Veronika didn’t let this bullying affect her. Instead, at the age of 16, she started going to the gym regularly and was soon on the way to achieving her body goals.

As a personal trainer, Veronika found that she could help others with such problems overcome them as well and her own history with body shaming helped her to be more compassionate and patient with her clients. At the age of 20 she had bagged her dream job at the time, but Veronika noticed she wasn’t really satisfied teaching her clients how to exercise as they needed more guidance in all the other areas of fitness to succeed. She wanted to make a lasting positive impact on their lifestyle and mindset as well which would be the real ticket to their change.

Veronika Quintana-James finally found gratification a year later when she joined Lady The F Up, one of the biggest online platforms teaching lifestyle coaching to women. Veronika was hired there as a transformation coach and she hasn’t looked back ever since. Veronika’s personal goals of influencing women’s lives for the better lines up perfectly with her job as a transformation coach with Lady The F Up perfectly.

Presently, Veronika Quintana-James, who apart from working at Lady The F Up, is also a part of the Hammer Fitness HQ personal training team and can be found conducting online training sessions to help her clients stay in shape during the pandemic. Some of her best body transformations with clients have been done throughout gyms being closed and clients reverting to home workouts with minimal equipment. Nothing is stopping her and her clients from achieving amazing results!

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