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The Ultimate Handy Guide to Buying a Fishing Hat for the First Time



The Ultimate Handy Guide to Buying a Fishing Hat for the First Time

Fishing is a great method of spending time outdoors in peace and getting rid of the many stresses that creep up on you. It is also a good way of recreation and allows you to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air. However, fishing demands a lot of patience and hours of exposure to the bright sun. A fishing hat will protect your head, face, eyes, neck, and shoulders from the sun. While it feels good to be out in bright sunshine, continued exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer.

Why Do You Need A Fishing Hat? 

As every fishing enthusiast will tell you, catching a fish entails exercising great patience and outwitting the fish in its natural elements. Sitting on a rowboat for hours altogether despite slathering yourself liberally with sunscreen is impossible without wearing a fishing hat that gives the necessary protection against the blazing sunshine and potentially deadly UV radiation. In addition to protecting you from the glare of the sunshine directly falling into your eyes and off the water, fishing straw hats also protect your head, face, neck, and shoulders from sunburn. You may discount the effect of sunburn, especially when the sunshine seems mild, but after many hours out in the open, you will rue your decision to go hatless. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunburn causes premature skin aging and is the leading cause of skin cancer.

What Should You Look for When Buying A Fishing Hat?

Choosing a fishing hat is not rocket science by any standards, but you must know the various things that make a good purchase. These include:

Good fit: Like any other hat, a good fishing hat should fit you well and is comfortable for the long hours you expect to be in the open. You should measure the circumference of your head accurately or ask the salesperson of a hat shop to do it for you to ensure you buy a hat that sits well on your head. Remember a close-fitting hat will leave welts on your forehead and sides of the head, while a hat that’s too big will tend to cover your eyes and obstruct your vision.

Comfort: Regardless of the style of the fishing hat you choose, you must ensure that the hat you choose is comfortable because you will be wearing it for long hours. A lightweight and breathable material like straw is ideal because it helps your head to remain cool and prevent heatstroke.

Style and color: Any fishing hat you choose should make you look good and relaxed. You have a large variety of fishing hats to choose from, including baseball caps, bucket hats, and boonies. Ideally, you should pick one that is crush-proof and foldable. Light color helps to keep your head cooler.


Buying a fishing hat is essential if you want to spend long hours in the sun waiting for a bite. You should pick a hat you look good in, fits you well, is comfortable to wear, and has some closure that prevents it from blowing away.

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