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There’s Something Special In All Of Us – An Ode To Powers Unrecognized



There’s Something Special In All Of Us – An Ode To Powers Unrecognized

8 billion people.

Zooming out, they all seem the same. The same swarm of masses moving about, trying to be somebody. Efforts echo into time and space and, eventually, oblivion. Innately, the realities of the universe are depressing. In a fleeting world, we’re all trying to submit our mark on history, something we call “legacy.”

Zooming in, as our insecurities start to surface, in the moments we are picked last in teams to being rejected by that special someone, we are left feeling less than even those 8 billion people heading towards a single purpose.

You just want to be…


The protagonist of K.I. Price’s book, Chosen: The Path of Heroes, Tauzuri Jones , had to experience the harsh realities of being left out and feeling different from everyone else.

Zuri yearned to be seen, to be heard.

This is for all you Zuri’s out there, not realizing the true potential of your powers.

The genre for your tale.

“I’m different.” You tell yourself with pride.

The statement is backed by all the times the kids looked at you weirdly, the times you sat alone at lunch, and when you found yourself indulging in self-sabotage. You looked around, and everyone seemed to have everything – everything being all that makes someone socially acceptable.

Cool kids hang out with cool kids, after all.

If you think about “being different” a little more and tweak your perspective by noticing the flaws, all pieces of the puzzle will come together.

You often hear the term – there is a hero in all of us. We’re quick to dismiss this notion, deeming our heroism as nothing but a fantasy.

But what if fantasy wasn’t just fantasy but a genre for your tale?


Suddenly, seeing yourself in a positive light didn’t seem so scary. In the moment of inspiration, it was as if the training wheels had come off your bike. You found yourself pedaling into the light. Little by little, the metamorphosis gave you a glimpse of destiny.

You’re different, but this time, it’s different.

Good different.

People start seeing you for your strengths because what you can offer, no one else can. Why? Because you are different. The gatherings you wanted to sit in, wanted people to make space for you at the lunch table. The people who stuck by you, watch proud, proven right of what they saw in you.

You’re not somebody else. You’re the most “you” you can possibly be.

The Chosen.

Zuri met his revelation on his thirteenth birthday when his world turned upside down. The boy who thought of himself as a nobody was now Chosen. Zuri is gifted with supernatural abilities and a responsibility that holds the universe’s fate.

He is tasked with dismantling the Overlord, a villain who wishes to devour the magical world of Kambia and have the rest of the universe at his feet.

Every moment Zuri spent in obscurity now makes sense.

It wasn’t that Zuri didn’t have these gifts all along; all he needed was some patience and belief in himself till his time finally came to be chosen.

Find out where Zuri’s fate leads him in K.I Price’s first installment in her series.

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