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Top 10 Most Visited Capital Cities in the World



Top 10 Most Visited Capital Cities in the World (1)

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The ten most significant capital cities are all located in Europe, which is an interesting fact.

  1. Paris, France – The world’s most visited capital. Whether you are interested in architecture, art, music, or just good food, Paris offers a plethora of sights to see. You will not be disappointed by this city.
  2. London, England – With a population of over 9 million, this is the largest city in the United Kingdom. Probably the best place to see the city is from the London Eye observation wheel.
  3. Rome, Italy – The city of Rome dates back to 753 BC. Founded by Emus and Romulus. Perched atop seven hills, the city is situated along the banks of the Tiber River. Numerous excavations and ruins, including the well-known Colosseum, can be found here.
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: The best ways to explore this city are on one of the many bike routes or along one of the water canals. The 17th century, when the city was constructed, is regarded as the Netherlands’ Golden Age.
  5. Prague, Czech Republic – The site of the renowned Charles Bridge, which spans the Vltava and was constructed in the Middle Ages. Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, the Old Town Square, and the many churches are all worth seeing.
  6. Berlin, Germany – Berlin is well-known in the art world and has a rich history, as well as many castles.
  7. Vatican City, Vatican – The Pope resides here, as well as being the site of the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. In addition, the Vatican Museum is housed there, where you could spend hours, if not months, getting lost.
  8. Vienna, Austria – Vienna is well-known for its more than sixty museums! It’s also the capital of music. The city is sure to please anyone who enjoys cake and chocolate.
  9. Brussels, Belgium – is the capital of Belgium and the EU. Despite being a small city, it offers a lot in the areas of politics, history, and architecture. Brussels is well-known for its chocolate and moules fries.
  10. Budapest, Hungary: Buda, Obuda, and Pest are the three cities that make up Budapest. The stunning Chain Bridge, which spans the renowned Parliament, connects the city. It is regarded as the thermal bath capital as well.
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