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Top Must-Read Books on Marketing Communications and Principles



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Online marketing is a niche category which has gained substantial audience in the last decade or so and has been received generously by the common public. There are multiple crevices in the varied bifurcation and branches of marketing communications but there is just no easy or simple equation that can be followed which would lead the road to success. No amount of academic education, degrees and courses can fully prepare you for the fluctuations in the marketing communications field or any digital field for that matter and only real-life stories and experiences that can be found in books can teach you a lesson or two for the future.

The Top 4 Marketing Communications Books of All Time Has Been Compiled Hereunder.

1. Positioning

Authors Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote this classic marketing book in which they describe how to crack the psychology of a media-jaded, septic by creating an image of the brand, or positioning the brand, as he calls it in the mind of the consumer through attributes that are mostly positive in nature. It is a reflection of the strengths and drawbacks of the company in the potential customer’s minds.

The book teaches us policies to grab chunks of the market share and how to popularize a brand through communications

It also helps us comprehend strategy building tactics, taking advantage of positioning a product or service, analysis of market trends and more. If you want more information on market trends and papers on market research, writing my paper is the best place for you.

2. The psychology influence of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini explains the psychology behind why and when people say yes, that is, responding positively and tactics and strategies revolving around the comprehension and implementation of the same. Being an expert in the field of influencing and persuasion, Cialdini provides evidence-based research on the variables that influence consumers to change their decisions regarding consumption of a particular product or service. The six core universal principles of marketing communications and how to employ them in real-time to get the most out of your marketing strategies that would eventually transform you into an expert influencer and opinion leader in the market is the crux of the book. The theories are also applicable for people outside the field of marketing. Learn more about theories of marketing from the database of essay writing service.

3. Permission Marketing

Seth Godin, in this modern marketing masterpiece, sets in stone, the basic plotlines of online marketing communications and digital marketing. Starting from TV commercials to telemarketing techniques, Godin says, are all devised to steer our attention away from what it is that we are preoccupied with. He labelled this as interruption marketing which is a real curve ball and cannot be easily dodged. He offers potential consumers enough inventive in the process of accepting advertisement and promotions that come their way, instead of being irritated by marketing communications. Among customers who are not only inclined but also anticipate formal communication form the brand they like or follow is the core element of permission marketing, while developing long-term relationships and bonds that last for long.

4. Selling the Invisible

Harry Beckwith, with over 25 years of professional experience in the world of marketing and communications produces and disseminates a concoction of varied experiences from FedEx to babysitting and more. Insightful and based on first person experience, this book is a hand-held delight for young students of business communication and marketing. Convincing clients to hire your services or buy your products by highlighting and embossing some of the intangible qualities of your work is one of the core topics tackled in this ingenious book.

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