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Top Section-Wise Tips for Acing the SAT Test



Top Section Wise Tips for Acing the SAT Test

SAT Examination, also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, is for students heading to college for undergraduate courses. Students can take SAT when they are in high school and even after finishing school.

To score well on SAT, a student must know the exam pattern and section-wise prep strategy. Both of these have to be topped up with rigorous practice.  Here are top section-wise tips for acing the SAT Test:

1.     SAT Practice Test

Practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, taking SAT practice tests has several benefits. Number 1, you get to know the test format, and you gain experience. Number 2, the practice tests help you evaluate yourself. You can use the practice scores to focus more on specific topics and prepare accordingly. Number 3, the more you practice, the more you get acquainted with the marking system of the Test.

Work on your weak points and try to fix them. Work on strengthening the basics. And, when you sit for the examination, start by solving the easier questions first. In the end, when you are done with all the easy questions, pick up the difficult ones and solve them.

2.     SAT Mathematics

SAT Math section is a culmination of everything you have learned in high school. And it has a major impact on your score. Therefore, you have to work hard and ensure that you have covered all the topics before the d-day.

As already discussed, practice is crucial and you have to be aware of all the shortcuts and tricks. The practice tests will help you identify the problem area. Make a note of your mistakes and correct them. Put in more practice for the topics that feel difficult or confusing. Practice will also improve your speed.

Lastly, stay focused while filling in your answers in the grid system. Any mistake in marking the answer can cost you precious marks. And do remember, SAT does not have negative markings. So, once you are done solving the questions you know, attempt the ones you are not sure about. Do not skip any questions.

3.     SAT English

SAT English section needs an in-depth understanding of the language. It involves vocabulary, compression, and extraordinary grammar. To ace this segment, you have to start years before you take the test. The right preparation for this segment is ongoing, in the form of reading and writing.

Make it a habit to read newspapers, journals, books, blogs, articles, and more. Reading improves comprehension and also boosts the speed of absorbing information.

The next step is to write a lot. Maintain a diary, participate in writing competitions, try poems, and maybe a blog. The idea is to pick the nuances of the language through various methods and improve both vocabulary and grammar.

4.     SAT Reading

If you plan to ace your reading examination on SAT, ensure that you begin by concentrating on your weakness and creating a passage strategy. Passage Reading and understanding take a lot of time. Even more, if you have not practiced a lot with a lot of reading. So, it would be best to practice in this sector well beforehand to answer maximum questions in the optimum time frame.

Attempt passages one by one, underline everything you deem important and then head to the questions. You will have to do a lot of back and forth between the passages and the questions, so, keep your cool and go one question at a time. 

5. SAT Writing    

Practice is required even for writing. Keep on reading articles and books to improve your vocabulary and also learn synonyms and antonyms to improve your skills. After you have finished writing the article, re-read it to avoid mistakes.

Try to pick up modifiers that will enhance the quality of your writing. Also, try to keep the context precise and to the point. The idea is to give short and crisp answers that will impress the reader. 

Final Thoughts

So, these were the top section-wise tips for acing the SAT Test. Please follow them to the T and register for the next SAT Test.


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