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Trader House Reviews– The best option for new traders?



Trader House Reviews– The best option for new traders

Get a good look into the world of trading on online platforms in this Trader House review as we navigate through its pros such as its FAQ section to its cons of not updating its asset management tools.

Trade is a profession that hasn’t always been kind to new traders. Often traditional trading systems would prefer seasoned traders over new beginners as they were likely to turn a better profit. However, times have changed and the requirement for more traders far outweighs the requirements of professional traders. The market needs new traders to enter the trading profession to ensure the continued expansion of the world’s economy.

There has never been a better time to get into the trading profession than right now. I had the same sentiment when the markets were at the top of their game. It was back then that I decided to enter the realm of trading. After much consultation, I decided to go with online trading platforms as my go-to system for trading as they offered better control and were much easier to start with as an absolute beginner.

Trading is a little complex but gets easier to handle once an individual gets a hang of it. Online trading on the other hand is something completely different. It is somehow easier than traditional trading and for a lot of people is more profitable. A lot of my colleagues say that because of the level of freedom they have, they can easily rake in 10 times what they used to make when they were in traditional trading firms.

This review is aimed at those people who are just starting their journey in online trading and have yet to choose a trading platform. Everything depends on the type of trading platform you as a trader decide to use because it is the access point for you and your entire business.

The one for you

Choosing the right trading platform is the most essential component of any trader’s journey to a successful career. A trading platform is more or less the starting line. You can’t participate in the race if you’re not even at the start.

There are thousands of online trading platforms scattered around the internet. While some have been genuine to their mission and have delivered the basic needs of traders, a lot of them have pretty much exploited their clients by a variety of factors. They’ve either overcharged them, applied hidden fees, or have such terrible service that it would be better to just leave the platform altogether.

I got my big break when I registered with a new platform for this Trader House review during my search for the best trading platform on the internet. Trader House had features that I found were missing in a lot of other trading platforms. Now there are standards as to what a verified trading platform should offer to its clients but the way Trader House implemented those standards are what blew me away.

Following are the features that caught my eye which I believe made Trader House better than every other platform I have ever used.

  • Worldwide access
  • Asset management tools

Worldwide access

The very premise of online trading platforms is that they should be accessible from anywhere around the world. As long as one has an internet connection, accessing and manipulating data and bids on personal accounts should be a feature that every brokering platform provides.

However, there have been some instances where other trading platforms that I sued before would cut me off from my account because of my geographic location. As a trader, it is normal to travel to other financial hubs in the world. Trade doesn’t stop at the NYSE and investments are gathered from millions of people who are spread around the world. So it didn’t make any sense as to why online trading platforms would limit their accessibility to a single market instead of allowing it to be open to all users everywhere.

Trader House Reviews

In this Trader House review, I highlight how the platform made sure that its clients never run into this problem by simply having its systems run on servers in every financial hub in the world. This way if traders travel for business purposes, they aren’t restricted by any means by the broker. I recall having to go to a foreign nation for a business meeting.

Asset management tools

Assets are the bread and butter of online trading platforms. They are all that matter. They matter even more than the money stored in an account as assets are the representation of economic power which far outweighs its equivalent worth in national currencies. Asset management tools are one of the most desired features of any online trading system. These tools allow for appropriate timings of asset bids that can represent the difference between losses and profits.

Assets have always been difficult to control. Even now with state-of-the-art technology, it is difficult to control them. The best we can do is manage them via provided platform tools. Trader House seems to have one of the best asset management tools I have ever seen. Paired with its accessibility features, it allows users to overcome any potential shortcomings in market performance and come out on top. Online trading is the backdrop of trading in the 21st century and this Trader House review showcases the capabilities of the new generation of trading tools to help users in becoming full-time professional traders.

As for the comparison with other trading platforms, Trader House seems to have a better-optimized approach to its tools from my experience. It’s why I still I am writing this Trader House review because I haven’t been able to find a platform that focuses as much on its asset management tools like this one.

Trader House

What’s with the FAQ section?

The FAQs section described in this Trader House review is one of the best features. It is the characteristic that in my opinion solidifies its support for beginners. The FAQ section contains all the answers to the queries asked by new traders before you. This means that basic questions such as navigating the platform and placing bids can be resolved via the FAQ section.

A lot of people argue that calling up the support team is simply a better option and that is true. The support team at Trader House is amazing. They’ve helped me out of a few snags during my days as a new trader on their platform. However, it is better to use the FAQ section to get the answers you’re looking for to resolve your problem as this way the support team can deal with issues that haven’t come up before and you can continue your work without having to completely rely on the support team.

The FAQ section is how I dealt with minor issues such as account handling, biding practices, etc. calling up the support team for a problem that already had a solution posted in the FAQ section seemed like a waste of time and resources not to mention a waste of efficiency for the customer support team as well as they can utilize this time in dealing with other problems that have just surfaced and have no resolutions in the FAQ section.

Why is security so important?

Secure transactions are a cornerstone of any trading platform. There is no room for compromise in this sector. Trade involves the transferring of valuable assets between traders so any insecure path can lead to unwanted consequences. Trader House seems to take security very seriously as its platform is secured with software-based solutions for any external unauthorized access. Account data is kept secure and client information isn’t accessed without the permission of the user. Users have absolute control over their accounts and nobody else can access them.

Rusty perception

The idea of perfect trading systems is a good one, too bad it is only an idea and not a real-world implementation. This Trader House review highlights its own missed opportunities that need to be resolved. They’re not critical of its performance in any way but resolving them will no doubt make my interactions with the platform more pleasant. The asset management tools on Trader House far outmatch every other platform. So I think the platform should continue to expand on these tools while it is still ahead of the competition. The current lineup shows that the platform is ready for advanced trading tools so it only makes sense that the platform release more tools to complement those that are already available.


I chose Trader House for its feature-rich platform approach. It has some missteps here and there but all things considered, I am more than satisfied with my experience. The features in this platform are what I would use to describe any good trading platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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