US launch for London based job search platform

WHATJOBS today announced the launch of its hugely successful job search engine in the USA. The service will be a scaled down version of its flagship product in the United Kingdom and will focus on the aggregation of all job types. Shane McGourty, Global Head of Sales had this to say “ Phase 1 has seen 1 million job adverts listed already, from entry-level positions to high-end professional jobs, so it won’t be long before we roll out the full product”.

Adil Rehman, Chief Technology Officer added “ WhatJobs will also leverage cloud-based technology from Google and machine learning & AI from Amazon to better cope with the US job market”. 

The company went on to say that WhatJobs will partner with various leading US job search platforms to enhance their offerings. Jobseekers will have a number of enhanced tools 

that will help them find the right jobs during a very challenging market in the aftereffect of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Alex McDowell Head of Global Traffic at What Digital says “ What makes the service interesting is that it’s rolling out its first layer of machine learning to better understand how various jobs are actually matched through practice but often go unfound due to variable job titles. It is kind of an educational website first and a job search second. 

McDowell continued “For instance, a search for “retail” could mean “retail associate” or “store clerk” or “store manager,” depending on how the employer wrote the job description initially. WhatJobs will compute these variables and make suggestions for you”. 

WhatJobs carried out market research before launching in the USA and reckon they know what makes the perfect user journey when looking for your next career move.

Version 1 is live now and phased updates are planned over the next 12 months with the promise to add more international locations in the near future.


Pamela Greenberg

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