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Valentina Fradegrada Launches VF Foundation to Sell Old Clothes for Charity



Valentina Fradegrada, Italian model and 5 times Wushu Kung Fu champion, announced the launch of the VF Foundation to sell all her old modeling clothes and others from prestigious international brands. All the earnings will go towards charity and help families struggling with difficulties.

The VF Foundation will be a nonprofit/benefit foundation operating from its headquarters in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy. Valentina hopes that many influencers and brands will join her efforts and help the organization reach its goal.

VF Foundation is for the Family

The famous model and entrepreneur plans to transform VF Foundation into an international charity organization with a significant social impact. This goes in line with the organization’s motto, “We want to help family.”

Valentina Fradegrada’s clothes will be the first to sell at the VF Foundation for charity purposes. Her long career in modeling has produced many iconic fashion statements. These clothes can increase the prestige and beauty of any wardrobe. Therefore, numerous buyers will be looking to acquire them as soon as they become available.

About Valentina Fradegrada

Valentina Fradegrada was born in Bergamo, Italy. She practiced classical dance for 12 years before starting a long and successful career in martial arts. She became the Italian Champion of Wushu Kung Fu five times during this period.

Meanwhile, Valentina continued her career in modeling. She became the first Italian model to have a fashion and lifestyle blog in 2009. Next, she moved briefly to the US, where she worked as a model and influencer for Instabrand. After two years, she returned to Italy and obtained her degree in fashion design, marketing, and graphics. In the meantime, she started a collaboration with Nike.

In 2017, Valentina launched the Upside-Down Bikini, which instantly became a worldwide viral trend. Many celebrities and influencers admired her innovative idea and adopted the style too. She transformed it into a proper brand with a global reach a year later.

At the same time, Valentina continued her career in music and film. For example, she took prominent roles in music videos, proving her acting talent. Also, she studied English and Spanish to launch her musical career with her first featuring with “BADA$$ B.”

In August 2018, Valentina was the Cover Playmate for Playboy Mexico. Her appearance helped the brand obtain a new record in the country. She was a finalist in the prestigious Miami Swimsuit competition the same year.

Today, Valentina lives in the West Hollywood area in Los Angeles. Her exposure and international recognition earned her an ambassador role for many US brands, like Fashionnova, Bang Energy, SimplyInked, and Revolve.

Valentina Fradegrada has one of the largest followings online. Her pictures, music videos, and interviews attract millions of views on social media. She is available on her personal website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

The VF Foundation is on Instagram here.


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