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Vishal Jain: An aspiring model, music producer, avid traveler and popular social media personality



Vishal Jain: An aspiring model, music producer, avid traveler and popular social media personality

Flourishing as an complete professional in the music and modelling realms is Vishal Jain from Dubai.

The current golden era of generation has seen it all, great ideas, inventions, strategies, new businesses, markets, startups, young entrepreneurs and what not. With developments growing by leaps and bounds in each and every sector of the economy, much credit is due to young and creative minds behind making the difference and going all the way to prove their mettle. The energy and enthusiasm that these young guns carry has been exceptional proving everyone wrong by breaking society barriers and unfollowing conventional methodologies. We met one such young budding talent making his special place within the music industry and modelling industry- Vishal Jain.

This millennial talent hails from India but has made a base out of global headquarters, Dubai. Enthralling everyone with his core competencies, Vishal takes giant strides within the music and modelling realms to spiral his way to the top as an integrated and astute professional. Working as an freelance model, Vishal has mesmerized the world of fashion by his sheer presence, persona, charisma and flamboyance. Having done many shows, events and walked the ramp for many labels and brands, Vishal has been loved by millions. With an objective of wide spreading his wings and further exploring many different niches, Vishal has turned tables to excel as an emerging music producer as well. Having produced and launched three back-to-back hits which has topped the charts for many weeks now, Vishal has catapulted himself to become one of the most seek and sought-after individuals in and out of Dubai. His social media accounts have been flooded by many loyal fan base of followers.

Vishal as a freelance model and music producer has been going to many different places across the world for many work opportunities, which has made him fall in love with travelling and turned him to avid traveler experiencing different colors and cultures. Vishal has many exciting music projects in pipeline which are on the completion stages and is expected to release soon.

For more information, follow him on Instagram @vishaljain.

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