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What does it take to fulfill your dreams: A tale of Anand Kumar



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To actually thrive at something, you need a clear vision and a passionate commitment. It’s said, “Nothing in life is free. You have to labor for it and maybe risk your life for it.” Such a person is Anand Kumar, who is the best fit for the adage. At the age of just 20, he has already produced works, surpassed the goals set for teenage Indian boys, and developed talents that will make any parent pleased. Everyone talks about your achievement, but not everyone is aware of the challenges you faced in order to achieve it. Anand discusses how he got his start in the company early, his failures, the lack of help he received from friends and family, his financial struggles, and the fear of bad results. He describes a situation in which he had to sell a few of his Instagram pages in order to continue his scholastic studies. All of these compromises and conflicts demonstrated his gentlemanly nature, ability to function as a leader, and desire to work hard at the tasks he had once just daydreamed of.

Anand counsels us to believe in ourselves, to be self-motivated, and to believe that nothing is insurmountable. No matter how big your issue, giving up is not an option. You can only reach your goals via a lot of effort and perseverance. Support your success and observe it come after you. His milestone example is the 67k-follower Instagram account “chal.jhuti.” Additionally, you can contact him directly by using the handle @anand.kumar_20. Anand is a speaker and a guide, in addition to offering advice on how to live a fulfilling life. He enjoys playing the drums and music, and prefers riding and swimming in particular.

Anand hails from a middle class family in Jamshedpur, if we are talking about his family background. It can even be tedious to try to perform great things in an average society. However, let’s address that query to the believer. Anand’s advice to young people just starting out in the marketing industry is to trust your instincts. If you want to be successful in your field, you must remain put, be thrifty, concentrated, and respect your time. Anand’s mother is a housewife and his father is a businessman. Even though Anand experienced unpleasant challenges at a young age, it never caused him to become disoriented; instead, it molded him and helped him become more focused. He has ended up in this situation where everyone wants to contact him because of his interest in technology and active education to help other young people understand. He has received many clients from all around the world and is well known among Indian marketers. “Incredible and Explosive” is the one adjective that accurately sums up Anand as a whole.

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