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Why did Aylar Behzadi lead the process of designing clothes to redesign?



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 In fact, clothing recycling is part of the fabric recycling process, which includes recovering old clothes and shoes and sorting and processing them.  The final products of recycling are turned into clothes suitable for reuse.

 The belief of many people regarding the field of recycling is to return glass and plastic to the production cycle.  But the recycling of products is not limited to these things and it is not possible because the continuation of human life requires us to be determined and diligent in preserving the environment and the earth.  Therefore, in today’s world, manufacturers are interested in producing products that can be returned to the production cycle after consumption and, in other words, can be recycled.

An essential step for clothing recyclers is to increase public awareness of the importance and benefits of donating used items such as your old clothes and shoes.  Likewise, recycling companies often provide educational material on their websites about clothing recycling and its importance.

 Other approaches of clothing recyclers to increase people’s public awareness are providing colorful bins in which different clothes should be thrown separately, and also describing what clothes are accepted for recycling and what charities benefit from this process are among the tasks of these organizations.

After collection, the clothes are classified into three groups: usable, tissue and fiber.  Typically, this is a manual sorting process that requires expertise in identifying different types of materials.  This process can also be done using mechanical systems such as conveyor belts and buckets to separate different types of materials.  In this case, an initiative has been taken to automate the sorting process. Clothes in the recycling cycle are not an exception to this rule, and perhaps the emergence of various fashions and styles has increased the volume of old and worn clothes, so the entry of this volume of clothes  to the cycle of recycling, while reducing environmental pollution, creates the ground for re-entry of clothes into the production cycle.

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