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Will You Be Retiring, in the Next Two Years? Remember These Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition



Will You Be Retiring, in the Next Two Years Remember These Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Dreams of summer are filling my thoughts. Also you?

These three tips should be taken into consideration as you get ready for the next phase of your life if your aspirations center on retiring early.

No. 1: Numbers are important, but so is your life plan

The first tip isn’t about making sure you have enough money saved, which may seem strange. Not as significant as the numbers are your life goals and where you envision yourself in retirement.

It is essential to determine the sense of fulfillment you experienced at work and how this will remain significant in retirement if retiring means leaving behind the grind of a career.

Many of us will have to discover a new or updated identity as we let go of our professional titles and honors. Suppose someone asks you, “What do you do?” at a party. Now consider your response if you were a retired person.

It can be both liberating and overwhelming to update your identity. Before you discard the current business card, give yourself some time to think through what you want on the next one.

If your job fulfills an important part of your social needs, the secret to success is to consider how you will meet these needs once you retire. Having a plan for social connection is important, even if you’re not a social person because loneliness is shown to shorten our lives if left unchecked.

This could take the form of making new friends, getting in touch with old acquaintances, or developing a closer bond with your current friends.

The disruption of daily routines can be one of the most disorienting things that a newly retired person goes through. Being able to take your time over your morning coffee and paper or have a leisurely lunch with friends instead of feeling pressured to fit meetings and emails into your schedule sounds liberating.

Even though it can be rewarding, most people find that to feel balanced and fulfilled during their retirement years, they need to add some structure to their days and weeks. Get out a piece of paper and sketch what a retirement week might entail. Make an effort to engage in enjoyable, interesting, or meaningful activities.

No. 2: Maintain savings outside of IRAs and 401(k)s

Taxes can be one of the largest surprises of retirement. When you are no longer paid, you might believe that’s the end of those.

Most likely, the majority of the money in your retirement savings accounts has not been taxed if you plan to use it to generate your own paycheck. You may find yourself paying tax rates comparable to what you did when you were employed before you realized it.

It’s not too late to concentrate your savings on accumulating some taxed money to offset your pre-tax income. A money market account, CDs, high-interest savings account, or an account used to purchase investments with post-tax funds—often referred to as a brokerage account—could all be examples of that.

No. 3. Monitor your spending today to evaluate your retirement plan

Early in retirement, it’s essential to keep an eye on your expenses to ensure that they will last the rest of your life. Before you retire, keep a record of all your expenses. With the help of this information, you can estimate your retirement spending.

There are two reasons to track your spending before you retire. First, you might decide which areas you want to cut back on your spending right away to save more money. Two, when you’re making retirement plans, you’ll be more aware of your spending.

The length of time your money would last with those kinds of expenses can then be seen. It is preferable to make changes to your spending as soon as possible after retirement if you are overspending.

If you plan properly, your retirement years can truly be the best of your life. Consult a CFP to determine whether you are on course for a comfortable retirement.

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