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Windows 11 formally closes down Mozilla Firefox’s Default browser workaround



Windows 11 formally closes down Mozilla Firefoxs Default browser workaround

Microsoft is taking the browser battles to the limit. In the first place, the organization said that it would block all default browser workarounds in Windows, and presently it has done it in the most recent Windows update.

We realized this day would come, yet we didn’t know precisely when Microsoft would drop the update that blocks workarounds like those used by Mozilla, Brave, and EdgeDeflector. Things being what they are, Microsoft slipped the update into the final patch Tuesday of 2021 for the two Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Essentially, this implies that “Microsoft-edge://links” can don’t really be compelled to open in your default browser of choice. Apps like EdgeDeflector and Mozilla’s workaround worked everything out such that these links could be blocked, yet that is at this point not conceivable with the latest update to Windows.

This doesn’t come as an amazement, as Microsoft called Mozilla’s workaround “improper” while saying it completely expected to block it. Nonetheless, we were trusting that clients and the media hollering about anticompetitive behaviors from Microsoft may make the organization alter its perspective. However, that obviously isn’t true.

A new tool called MSEdgeRedirect uses a completely unique strategy to get around Edge, yet it needs to run background to work. Interestingly, Mozilla, Brave, and EdgeDefelocot didn’t have to run a background process to work. In addition, it’s being flagged by Microsoft’s SmartScreen when you run it.

Furthermore, Microsoft has made its expectations understood, so it’ll presumably impede MSEdgeRedirect later on, leaving individuals stuck utilizing Edge for those particular kinds of links.

We’ll need to keep a watch out assuming that Microsoft has any repercussions for these anti-competitive strategies. The organization may just be walking the line enough to avoid getting into problems, however, with the outrage from end-users and the media, it could have an issue on its hands.


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