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“Wolf of Wall Street” was seen with Nazar Babenko in Monaco



Wolf x Monaco

Visitors to one of the most expensive restaurants in Monaco witnessed a rather unusual business lunch.

To meet in real life a legend about which films were made and one of the youngest investors and crypto mentors in the world is a shock in itself. Especially when you consider that both personalities do not often appear in public places.

American financier Jordan Belford IG @wolfofwallst began his career as an ordinary broker and could not have imagined that his fortune would be measured in hundreds of millions of dollars, and none other than Leonardo DiCaprio would embody him on the screen. As for Belford’s partner in Monaco, he turned out to be Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_, who was recognized as one of the most promising investors and crypto-mentors in the world, who created a unique team of traders for  Danvel, an investment management company that conquered the Chinese market and actively asserts its position in the global community. In addition, Babenko is a well-known philanthropist involved in charity work on global level. Rumor has it that Babenko even paid to not be published on the Forbes list, explaining that money loves silence.

Now two of these financial giants are together in one restaurant, and quite possibly, discussing global cooperation, which can influence potential development of global financial market (taking into account, that Danvel is planning to capture major part of the market in investments and cryptocurrency). Such a tandem on the global market can easily overtake large hedge-funds and similar companies and projects, because these guys are magnets for billions.

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