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World Social Work Day 2020: History, Significance, and Theme of WSWD



World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day (WSWD) is praised the third Tuesday of March every year, and events are organized during March. This year, World Social Day is on March 17. The day is an opportunity for social workers and others in the social service sector to praise their accomplishments as well as to raise awareness and support for the significant role that social laborers play in the lives of vulnerable families and communities.

World Social Work Day is the key day in the year that social laborers overall stand together to propel our common message all around.

Social laborers can work for government offices, hospitals and in different settings to help those in need. Even though they do research claims of misuse while working with children and the old, they additionally arrange for nurses and different kinds of care for the old and those recuperating from injuries. Investigate some of the manners in which you can celebrate World Social Work Day this year.

The enormous extent of social work practice can be found in the diversity of the celebrations occurring across Australia. The Association is hosting celebrations in every state and region through its branches.

World Social Work Day points out the requirement for additional planning, development, and support to the profession and social service sector. On the off chance that you will lead activities in March, if you don’t mind let us know so we can share with the network.

Additionally, we urge everybody to guarantee individual and community security. Read more about how the Social Service Workforce is Mitigating Impact of COVID-19, use of technology practically speaking and thoughts for remote support.

World Social Work Day on The third Tuesday in March perceives the difficult work and dedication of social workers. A global association of social workers meets up for social justice, human rights and social improvement all through the promotion of best practices in social work.

Social laborers serve numerous roles in their communities. They asses their customers’ needs and challenges. As advocates, they represent their customers, getting them access to the resources they have to improve their lives. Social workers additionally react to emergency circumstances.

They work in numerous settings, as well. Social workers discover positions in medical facilities, child welfare and human service offices, and schools. They can likewise work in education, teaching new social laborers.

Every year, recognition promotes a particular theme. Visit the International Federation of Social Workers website for the most recent data and themes.

World Social Work Day History

World Social Work Day was propelled by The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW): in 1983 and later other social work associations, for example, the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) have joined as partners to the event.

WSWD has become a highpoint in the social work calendar with social workers everywhere throughout the world celebrating and promoting the contributions of the profession to people, families, communities and more extensive society. World Social Work Day is praised on the official date every third Tuesday in March.

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) promotes World Social Work Day. Since 1983, The IFSW, an international, non-governmental association of social laborers has gotten together with different associations to encourage international cooperation, and perceive the achievements and contributions of social workers around the world.

World Social Work Day 2020: Theme

This year, the 2020 World Social Work Day features the theme ‘Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships’. This is the fourth and last theme of 2010 to 2020 Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development.

As social workers, we work to distinguish, name and change the systems and perspectives in our society that impact, decrease and work against healthy relationships.

“For example, in promoting the importance of human relationships, we need to call out and advocate against the discriminatory and abusive policies and structures that continue to oppress some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

“These include our welfare, housing, legal, medical, political and many of our religious systems – that often disregard the importance and crucial nature of ‘relationship’ in this work.”

How to celebrate World Social Work Day 2020?

Make certain to shout out to social laborers in your community. In case you’re a social worker, share your experience. Go to a job fair and encourage future social workers. In case you’re keen on becoming a social laborer, study their educational way.

World Social Work Day will be celebrated in numerous nations around the globe. Australia will be one of the first nations to mark the day around the globe.

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