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Xiaomi plans to launch a new Pro version of the Mi Band 7



Xiaomi plans to launch a new Pro version of the Mi Band 7

Xiaomi declared the Mi Band 7 last week and among the upgrades is a bigger display with a 25% more perceptible region, as per the company. The display additionally has an Always On mode. One rumored upgrade that didn’t arrive was built-in GPS. The connected Redmi Smart Band Pro previously had the AOD mode, a considerably bigger display and it has GPS.

Would it be a good idea for you to get the Redmi band? Perhaps stand by a bit. Xiaomi will supposedly disclose a Mi Band 7 Pro close by the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, as indicated by one leakster. Such a device also leaked through the Mi Door Lock app before the regular Band 7 was announced.

What number of gadgets do you possess that likewise arrived in a Pro variation? Whether we’re talking phones, wearables, or even headphones, a ton of stuff has a Pro variant nowadays, with an update over the first of some sort or another: better execution, prevalent cameras, expanded battery duration — and so on.

As of late, we’ve been contemplating whether Samsung could head down this path for the reputed Galaxy Watch5 Pro, and presently another find recommends that Xiaomi could take a stab at something almost identical with its Mi Band setup of wellness trackers. Following the declaration last seven-day stretch of the Mi Band 7, new proof focuses on conceivable work on a Mi Band 7 Pro.

What is by all accounts an untimely reference to the Mi Band 7 Pro that has been seen in the Mi Door Lock app and shared on Weibo (via GSMArena)? The graphics here don’t seem to uncover anything valuable — the representation displayed for that fitness band inside the app is identical to the one for the Mi Band 7 NFC (also a still-unannounced device that will most likely just be identical to the Mi Band 7, except with NFC), which also looks just like the Mi Band 6.

So far none of the leaks have detailed what the “Pro” version might bring over the vanilla band. But something similar to the Redmi band is likely – a larger display, GPS, and a bigger battery to feed all that (perhaps not that much bigger, the Redmi band has a 200mAh battery, and the Mi Band 7 has a 180mAh battery).

Concerning what contrasts will there be between the two variations, there’s not yet any hard evidence. Possible tweaks could include a bigger display, a bigger battery, or maybe even some extra sensors, but, since it’s the very first time we’re hearing about this device, that’s largely speculation on our part.

One hypothesis we’ve heard focuses on the GPS group on related Redmi trackers and recommends the 7 Pro could get its area capacities. Concerning when it very well may be revealed, there’s an opportunity we could see it announced alongside the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. That device might come in July, so that means it should still be at least a month away, giving us plenty of time to learn more about this fitness band.

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be unveiled in July, the company’s first product from its partnership with Leica. How long it takes for the official unveiling in China to reach the international market is another question (Xiaomi is yet to announce a global rollout for the Mi Band 7).

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