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You have to be aware of the risk when you open your business, just as Dario Bonanno with his “Ecommerce Blue Ocean” strategy



You have to be aware of the risk when you open your business just as Dario Bonanno with his Ecommerce Blue Ocean strategy

Currently based in Lisbon, he is a key figure in the e-commerce sector, delivering exceptionally fascinating results.

An example of this is Dario Bonanno, a boy who dreamed big and managed to achieve one of his goals.

It all started in 2016, when he launched his e-commerce site, selling torches and watches, but with a difference: cash on delivery.

This payment method is particularly preferred by those who prefer to pay everything when the shipment arrives at its destination given the influence of today’s scams.

Through this activity, Dario is present in Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece and many other countries.

He immediately focused on Eastern Europe, where the market was not as big and there was less competition than in the United States.

Also thanks to his degrees in Economics and Commerce, he is able to deal with all the various problems that arise from the beginning of the business to today.

In fact, today Dalio also gives advice to those who intend to take this path, teaching them not to have too many initial fixed costs.

In the future, it hopes to cover all countries with markets that allow this payment method, such as Asia and Latin America.



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