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Youngest Entrepreneur Utkarsh Piyush Shares Tips on How to Get Clients



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Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t just start and end with having a great business idea or establishing an enterprise of your own. This is because no matter how great your business idea is, your overall success as an entrepreneur comes down to securing and keeping clients who will buy your goods, products and/or services.

How else can you expect your business to thrive? You have to be addicted to seeing your business grow and this is only achievable by aggressively launching into the market space and selling your products and services to the right audience. Remember, more clients translates to an increase in the profit margin and a higher rate of turn over.

Here, I’ll be sharing some tips that will give you the needed momentum to drive your impact! Let’s borrow insight from young Asian entrepreneur, Utkarsh Piyush

Create a Niche

Creating a niche for your business will help you attract the right audience, customer or clients. This entails understanding what you do and knowing who you do it for.

Having a grasp of your market space means that you have to inspire that ‘This is exactly my problem and this is the exact solution I seek’ response from clients. Doing so will bring the enthusiasm clients need to patronize you for your products and services.

As Utkarsh likes to put it “You have to know the products and services you offer, the clients you’re targeting, where they are and then make no mistake in communicating how you’ll solve their particular need and what impact it will have on them. That’s the first step for me”

Unique Marketing Strategy

Having identified the products and services you offer and what your clients stand to gain. The next thing to do is to devise a winning strategy for marketing to your clients. Make no mistakes, marketing has just as much to do with your personality as it does with the strategy employed. So you have to let your personality at all times while making your products and service offers.

Being professional matters but then it might just be creating a rigid outlook for your business in the eyes of prospective clients.

Hence, while having a presentation or interaction with potential clients, keep it simple.

This will make your interactions memorable and make clients connect easily with you.

Don’t forget. The strategy is ‘simplicity and style’.

Becoming a People’s Magnet

How do you attract people? You have to share some things in common with them to inspire the confidence needed to patronize you.

“Find out where your ideal clients hang out, the forums, social media sites, events, gatherings and locations they like to frequent. Now make those places the hub where you spend your spare time too.

Doing this will connect you to your potential clients and help build a long lasting relationship with them” began the teenage entrepreneur

“Remember, while you’re there, you don’t have to prioritize pushing sales. However, identifying with them, asking questions, knowing their likes and dislikes, and then subtly suggesting your services”

Interestingly enough, Utkarsh’s idea could help to build trust and to connect your business to potential clients faster than you can imagine.

Create an Online Presence

Pushing your business into the web space is another way of getting ahead and positioning yourself for global acceptance and growth.

This is because, a simple click or search on the internet can bring great sales to your doorstep.

Everything has gone digital and so should you if you must attract clients to your business. You need to have an online presence. It could be a website, blog, podcasts, social media handle or anything that will bring you to the internet.

Pay great attention to the “About Me” or “About Us” section of your website. Stay concise, but give your audience enough details that will enable them to clearly picture the impact your products or services can have on them.

Make Client Satisfaction Your Watch Word

Listen to your clients, understand their peculiarities and deal with them individually. This has more to do with behaviour, psychology and more. A good businessperson is in some ways a psychologist. Study your clients or customers, and treat each one specially.

Delivering your products or services excellently while keeping your clients satisfied is how you earn yourself both loyalists and recommendations.


Offering incentives to new clients is a bonus way of getting even more clients. Words spread very fast. This is particularly needed for a start-up or a business seeking expansion. Attracting new clients isn’t easy but you can achieve this by offering incentives in the form of discounts to new customers only. This affords them the opportunity to try out your products and services while minimizing risk.


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