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Raj Vaswani is an amazing and one of the youngest entrepreneurs who are the founder and CEO of




It is the glamour era where everyone loves having parties, chilling out with friends, hanging out, and focusing on studies. Raj Vaswani is a little bit different than others with his ambition and futuristic approach at the same age when people, especially youth, are involved in doing fun and believing in enjoying life only. Raj is a person who belongs to a very small town with big dreams to be famous in the food industry and make his name and handsome buck worldwide. If I say his task is only to earn name and fame, then it will be wrong. Because Vaswani believes and dream of being the part of peoples’ happiness by adorning their celebration with his delicious cake making skill that can enhance the beauty of ceremonies and make the moment unforgettable. 

Raj Vaswani took the initiative while having a futuristic approach at an early age that could get an advantage to pick up his professional journey. He never gave up and continued to take all the challenges that tried to be the hurdle in his road to success. Soon he could make his existence and get a good name in the food industry. He started from a small cake vendor, but soon he could win the faith with his potential and excellent services worldwide. Though his journey was not that easy to describe in words, Raj’s will power and his dedication to the client’s satisfaction kept on kicking him to move forward. Today, Raj Vaswani is one of the famous names in the food industry even though his devotion and hard work to his stream come up with boosted energy.

Raj’s company has various subsidiary companies, including cakes2celebrate, Bansiwala’s cafe, Lord Krishna food, and national and international services. He started moving on the path of entrepreneurship at the age of 19 years, and today in the span of only five years at the age of 24, he could sign his name on top of the list in the food industry.

When there was the age of chilling out with friends, Raj gave a lot of thoughts to make the decision to start-up and establish his company. His cakes2celebrate is an online platform to deliver cakes at every corner of the world. It is one of the fastest growing online cakes delivery services with its exceptional assistance by understanding all the needs of consumers to offer them better services. Raj always had a dream to start his own company that could be the part of joy and ceremonies, and today he finds himself fortunate and happy that his dream could come true.

Raj has impressive skills and imagination about the food industry that makes him pro in cake making skills. The story does not end here as Raj Vaswani has inspired the lives of many as an influencer, along with giving an enormous online exposure to many brands.

Raj is a dedicated and hard-working entrepreneur who works devotedly to understand the better needs of the clients for giving them world-class services. Clients satisfaction is a must for him, and he considers it a real success. He suggests all the newcomers and entrepreneurs in the food industry be creative and innovative with their skills and believe in serving the best to the consumers.


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