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YouTube Music testing big playlist UI redesign for the mobile version



YouTube Music testing big playlist UI redesign for the mobile version.

Playlists are without a doubt a major part of YouTube Music’s discovery angle, and Google is currently testing a big UI redesign for them on mobile. YouTube Music has been consistently acquiring new features and improvements lately. In March, the service got Snapchat integration, permitting users to share their favorite songs on Snapchat Stories. Then, at that point, last month, the streaming service added two or three new features like an improved radio algorithm for better artist discovery, Family Shelf, and shuffle support for YouTube Music for Wear OS. Presently Google is testing a brand new playlist UI on the mobile app.

Google is seeking to revise the playlist UI for the mobile version of YouTube Music. Once the new UI is downloaded on your phone or tablet (at whatever point that is), you will see the name of the individual who made the playlist alongside the day that it was made. The name of the playlist is in a larger font with the description underneath it. What’s more, navigating the app is a piece simpler as icons for download, add to the library, play, share, and the three-dot overflow menu are on one line making them simpler to find.

The most recent YouTube Music update brings a redesigned playlist UI. The new UI moves the album cover art to the center, with the playlist’s name and the row of buttons showing up below. In the meantime, a blurred background, made because of the album art, at the top gives the playlist page a pleasant look.

The first two lines note who made the playlist and when it was last updated down to the date. (You just get the year today.) The cover art shows up next with a featured artist picture at the left and vertical text at the right, while YouTube Music’s circular logo is in the top-left corner.

You then, at that point, get the name of the playlist in larger font size and the description. All buttons (set within circles) show up on a single line: download, add to the library, play, share, and the overflow menu. Share previously used to be in the top-right corner close to Cast and search (which are unchanged today). Lastly, this top area uses a blurred background of the cover art.

There’s notably no button for shuffling, while the list of songs remains something very similar. Google inquisitively doesn’t take note of the number of songs that are in the current collection.

Up until this point, only one (French) user has gotten this YouTube Music playlist redesign on a tablet (Galaxy Tab A7). They said it simply shows up for playlists and not albums. It’s not satisfactory if that is only the situation in early testing, or whether the new look is just expected for playlists. The two perspectives getting a similar visual update would appear to be legit as they are indistinguishable today. This redo will probably additionally apply to community-generated playlists and those individualized to users that are made through algorithms.

We’ve yet to see it on a few gadgets we look at toward the beginning of today. This YouTube Music redesign puts a more noteworthy accentuation on playlist cover art while having controls generally on one line could be somewhat more helpful. The past look was getting a piece quite old.

This joins other recent YouTube Music UI changes like last week’s splash of background color, new “Mixed for you” cover art, new smart downloads icon, and revamped “Add to playlist” screen from February.

What’s new?

YouTube Music testing big playlist UI redesign for the mobile version 1

The playlist’s maker and last update date are listed in the first two lines. Following that is the cover art, which includes a featured artist image on the left and vertical text on the right, as well as YouTube Music’s circular logo in the top-left corner.

The playlist’s name and description are then displayed in higher letter size. Download, add to the library, play, share, and the overflow menu all show on a single line (inside circles). Share was once located next to Cast and in the top-right corner.

There is no button for shuffle, and the song list remains however strangely doesn’t show the number of tracks that are right now in the collection.

Where can I find it?

Only one (French) user has the upgraded YouTube Music playlist on a tablet up until this point (Galaxy Tab A7). It shows for playlists, rather than albums, as indicated by them. It’s unclear whether this is just in initial trials, or on the other hand if the new appearance is planned exclusively for playlists. It would seem OK for the two points of view to have a similar graphic change, given they are as of now indistinguishable. This update is probably going to influence both community-generated playlists and algorithm-generated playlists tailored to specific users.

The play button shows up noticeably in the middle while the download, library, share, and a three-dot menu are put on one or the other side. The dedicated shuffle button, notwithstanding, is gone. As you can find in the screenshots, the most recent UI is a lot cleaner and more durable than the old UI.

The new playlist UI for YouTube Music has just been spotted on one gadget. It seems the revamp just applies to the playlists while albums are as yet dependent upon the standard, worn-out UI. Nonetheless, we anticipate that the two albums and playlists should follow the updated design once the change is broadly carried out to users.

The revamped playlist UI isn’t broadly accessible at this point. It wasn’t accessible on any of my Android gadgets running the latest version of YouTube Music.

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