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NFL Preseason 2019: Schedule, Time and TV/Mobile Coverage




The 2019 NFL Preseason will start with the NFL/Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio on Thursday, August 1, which highlights Denver vs Atlanta.

The 2019 NFL Preseason will kick off on Thursday, August 1 (NBC, 8:00 PM ET) in Canton, Ohio, when the Atlanta Falcons face the Denver Broncos in the NFL/Hall of Fame Game at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

The NFL declared its 65-game preseason schedule, which incorporates a slate of eight nationally broadcast games.

NFL Network will give broad coverage of the 2019 NFL preseason, including live or re-aired broadcasts of all 65 games.

The Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons will meet on Thursday, Aug. 1 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. The game begins at 8 p.m. EDT, two days before the current year’s class is revered into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Just Denver and Atlanta will be in action next week. Week 1 of the 2019 preseason begins on Thursday, Aug. 8 with 11 NFL games. The Broncos and Falcons will both play that night. They are the only two teams scheduled to play five preseason games rather than four.

Here is the schedule of 2019 NFL Preseason matchups that will be broadcast nationally:

NFL/Hall of Fame Game

Thursday, August 1

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Denver at Atlanta8:00pmNBC

Preseason Week 1 (August 8-12)

Thursday, August 8

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Indianapolis at Buffalo7:00pmLocal
NY Jets at NY Giants7:00pmLocal/NFLN
Atlanta at Miami7:30pmLocal
Jacksonville at Baltimore7:30pmLocal
New England at Detroit7:30pmLocal
Tennessee at Philadelphia7:30pmLocal
Washington at Cleveland7:30pmLocal
Carolina at Chicago8:00pmLocal
Houston at Green Bay8:00pmLocal
Denver at Seattle10:00pmLocal
LA Chargers at Arizona10:00pmLocal/NFLN

Friday, August 9

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh7:30pmLocal/NFLN
Minnesota at New Orleans8:00pmLocal

Saturday, August 10

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Cincinnati at Kansas City8:00pmLocal
LA Rams at Oakland8:00pmLocal
Dallas at San Francisco9:00pmLocal/NFLN

Preseason Week 2 (August 15-19)

Thursday, August 15

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Philadelphia at Jacksonville7:00pmLocal
Cincinnati at Washington7:30pmLocal
Green Bay at Baltimore7:30pmLocal
NY Jets at Atlanta7:30pmLocal
Oakland at Arizona8:00pmESPN

Friday, August 16

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Buffalo at Carolina7:00pmLocal
Chicago at NY Giants7:30pmLocal/NFLN
Miami at Tampa Bay7:30pmLocal

Saturday, August 17

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Cleveland at Indianapolis4:00pmLocal/NFLN
New England at Tennessee7:00pmLocal
Kansas City at Pittsburgh7:30pmLocal
Detroit at Houston8:00pmLocal
Dallas at LA Rams10:00pmLocal/NFLN

Sunday, August 18

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
New Orleans at LA Chargers4:00pmCBS
Seattle at Minnesota8:00pmFOX

Monday, August 19

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
San Francisco at Denver8:00pmESPN

Preseason Week 3 (August 22-25)

Thursday, August 22

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
NY Giants at Cincinnati7:00pmLocal
Baltimore at Philadelphia7:30pmLocal
Carolina at New England7:30pmLocal
Washington at Atlanta7:30pmLocal
Jacksonville at Miami8:00pmFOX
Green Bay at Oakland8:00pmLocal

Friday, August 23

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Cleveland at Tampa Bay7:30pmLocal
Buffalo at Detroit8:00pmCBS

Saturday, August 24

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Arizona at Minnesota1:00pmLocal/NFLN
Chicago at Indianapolis7:00pmLocal
Houston at Dallas7:00pmLocal/NFLN
New Orleans at NY Jets7:30pmLocal
San Francisco at Kansas City8:00pmLocal
Denver at LA Rams9:00pmLocal
Seattle at LA Chargers10:00pmLocal/NFLN

Sunday, August 25

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Pittsburgh at Tennessee8:00pmNBC

Preseason Week 4 (August 29-30)

Thursday, August 29

MatchupTime (ET)TV/Mobile
Atlanta at Jacksonville7:00pmLocal
Indianapolis at Cincinnati7:00pmLocal
Philadelphia at NY Jets7:00pmLocal/NFLN
Minnesota at Buffalo7:00pmLocal
Pittsburgh at Carolina7:00pmLocal
Baltimore at Washington7:30pmLocal
Detroit at Cleveland7:30pmLocal
NY Giants at New England7:30pmLocal
Kansas City at Green Bay8:00pmLocal
Miami at New Orleans8:00pmLocal
Tampa Bay at Dallas8:00pmLocal
Tennessee at Chicago8:00pmLocal
LA Rams at Houston8:00pmLocal
Arizona at Denver9:00pmLocal
LA Chargers at San Francisco10:00pmLocal/NFLN
Oakland at Seattle10:00pmLocal

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