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2020 Influential Educators in Business – George Mentz JD MBA



2020 Influential Educators in Business - George Mentz JD MBA


Designing and teaching over 250 online courses over the last 20 years innovating e-learning and legal education  making education available to the disabled, people caring for children or the elderly, working students, and those who can’t go to traditional school

Helping  increase certification programs and scholarships for those in need in over 40 countries.

U.S. Law School graduate who engaged research and education in USA, EU Europe,&  Latin America achieving a Doctor of Jurisprudence in Civil Law, and MBA and International Law Credentials.  

As an avid tennis fan and player for 40 years,  CEO  and Attorney  George Mentz compares the keys to the major sport of tennis to achievement in life.

“You have got to be in the moment and have that heightened awareness to operate at your full potential,” Commissioner George Mentz  says, referring to the micro-seconds between tennis balls moving across the court at 90-100+  miles per hour. “All sound achievement is built on mastery of: analysis, creativity, purpose,  awareness, planning, skills, imagination, ethics, action and innovating/adapting.”

Overall, Mentz’s life has been a slow and steady path to achievement that led him in 1996 to found one of the most successful educational bodies offering micro-credentials to those who take VIP courses and accredited exams and education from top accredited business schools and law schools.

Counselor Mentz served 20+ years as a professor designing and teaching over 300 courses and programs worldwide using the newest technology and tools.   “Most professors never teach more than 150-200 courses in a lifetime, but technology has changed all of that in the last few years.” Mentz spent over 5 years in several different countries, as a graduate student, earning a Doctor of Jurisprudence, an Accredited MBA, and a coveted International Law Certificate while later earning law and investment licenses.  Mentz’s education was completed at top law schools and business schools including William and Mary Law School and Loyola Law School and Loyola MBA programs.

Mentz is a global communicator and has worked and traveled to over 40 nations worldwide.  He first met President Trump in New Orleans in 1988 and has remained a loyal fan ever since.  While Mentz had volunteered for the Bush Family and the Obama administration to assist in helping people with job information and economic trends, Mentz had always wanted to do more and serve more.  In October of 2019, Mentz was honored with an appointment to become a Commissioner for the White House Presidential Scholars Program.  “I am deeply grateful to President Trump and the White House directors who have nominated and  allowed me to serve in this capacity.”

As a private educational executive for a certification body, “We are working toward partnerships and alliances with the largest MOOCs and Educational bodies in the world including  the ACBSP, edX, FutureLearn, Coursera, Udemy, New Oriental Education and several others.  While some small colleges struggle, MOOC companies such as Udemy offer over 100,000 course and attendance certificates.  Coursera and edX have hundreds of  university partners and millions of students offering hundreds of certificates, MicroCredentials,  diplomas,  and degree programs into your state and worldwide.   Mentz says, “We are at a pivotal time in history where e-learning and open learning are expanding so fast that we need to make sure technical students and working students have the opportunity for professional: certifications, designations, charters, and other post-nominal credentials to accommodate the courses and exams taken by students.

The world seems so small Mentz says, “I grew up around the Gov. John Bel Edwards family in Louisiana, and I was a classmate of Steve Scalise at LSU Louisiana State University. “” I respect and support both families.” “As my mother was both German and Sicilian – Hispanic from small town Louisiana, I’d like to think that I bring a special type of diversity and culture to Washington.”

Some of Mentz’s core principles are “teaching, excellence, and giving”, which is something Mentz and the IBS International Board of Standards take very seriously.  Mentz has won several nationally based awards for excellence in teaching along with winning an IBA International Book Award for one of his Success Books called Quantum Bliss. “I firmly believe that if you can teach people the perennial wisdom and principles of success, they can master their destiny and serve humanity at greater levels.” Mentz has authored over 40 books and audio books on success related topics.

Mentz has served on boards and advisory boards in the USA and several nations.  Mentz has served as an advisor to the Global Finance Forum Switzerland, The World E-Commence Forum in the UK, DeVry University, The Institute for Credentialing Excellence and for other charities and non-profits.  Mentz and his family have been active in tree farming for decades and Mentz is the titular Seigneur de Fief Blondel in the Crown Dependency Channel Island of Guernsey.  Mentz serves as the CEO of the International Organization for Quality Management

Mentz can be contacted for speaking, training, legal, advisory, and consulting at or

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