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Improving Software Development Team Productivity by Coding Pixel



Improving Software Development Team Productivity by Coding Pixel

Before getting into this article we should know what is productivity? Productivity is getting the results you want with less time and effort. It’s not about working harder but smarter.

And about the productivity of software development team: since the developers are not machines, measuring their performance is much harder. Quality is often more important than quantity; therefore, the code or time spent on development isn’t used to measure the productivity of the developer but the results or the quality of work done.

In today’s environment, it’s really challenging to stay productive individually and the same applies to team productivity. Studies show that a well-motivated software development team that follows time management could produce ten times more than a team with no motivation. But now the main issue is how do you help your team get more things done while team productivity is constantly challenged? There’s no need to worry, there are several ways t increase the productivity of current developers without increasing the number of employees or the number of hours in the workday according to leading social network development company.

Knowing how getting your dedicated software development team to work more efficiently, productively, and effectively is a top priority for all businesses this article will be providing you few steps and ways to improve the productivity of your software developers.


Once the goals are clear, the path to achieve them also becomes less complicated. Plus, it drives your project and motivates your team towards the final product. Secondly, setting a goal is equivalent to putting a benchmark. Clear goals can also help the team to work together and bring a sense of dependency which ca allow the team to work harder to achieve the goal. Also, it helps the team to break the work into smaller chunks that can be assigned to individuals and easily managed which leads to productivity and better results.


Making everyone feel like they’re a part of something big is important, for that having a 1-on-1 conversation with your team members is very helpful. Explain them where their priorities lies and what is to be expected from them to achiever certain goals. Frequent 1-on-1 conversations are the best ways to give people feedback and help themmanaging their time effectively. This way, your developers have the chance to improve their performance.


These days, you can find numerous tools that help to enhance a team’s productivity. Some tools can help them to learn more programming codes provide them with guidelines; track their projects, practice time management, and a lot more features.

If not this, feel free to take help from the outside too. This will help reduce the work load of the developers and increase their productivity and also reduce distractions.


One of the best ways to guarantee the high performance of your team is honest, open, and establish fair communication. You can hold daily meetings to know what project each member of your team will work on for the day. Encourage them all to work as a team for better productivity, and eliminate the chances of errors, rather than wasting resources and leaving incomplete tasks.


The concept of it is not really accepted or implemented in our workspaces but it’s really convincing that being flexible with developers hours will lead to a more productive and happier development team. Put yourself in their position and see how hard it can get force yourself to think critically for 8 hours straight without breaks and through distractions. It’s important to provide your team with the flexibility to work on projects when they are most comfortable, which might mean night shifts or extra office hours.

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