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40th Best Jeanist 2023 Award Winners



40th Best Jeanist 2023 Award Winners

Entertainer Miyu Ikeda, popularly known as Michopa, and actor Masaki Suda won the 40th Best Jeanist 2023 in the General Selection Category for the second year in a row, and they both attended the ceremony on September 9th in Tokyo.

On November 9th, the “Best Jeanist 2023” announcement was made, identifying celebrities who look good in jeans. VTuber Kanae was selected as one of the three participants in the “Next Generation Category.” VTuber has never before been chosen as the Best Jeanist. Except for Kano, all award winners are real people.

Kano is a male VTuber who is a member of the ANYCOLOR-run “Nijisanji” VTuber group. At the press conference, he made an appearance on a big screen on the podium dressed in jeans and a white shirt. “`I never thought I would receive an award like this, so I’m honestly surprised, but thank you very much,” he said.

The Japan Jeans Association, an industry association for the jeans business, presents the Best Jeanist award annually to promote the benefits of jeans. This year, for the forty-first time, Yutaka Matsushige, Marie Iitoyo, chef Asuka Wada, actor Masaki Suda, and talented Miyu Ikeda won the council selection category.

Actor Riko, Kabuki actor Somegoro Ichikawa, basketball player Yuki Togashi, and actor Kano Kano were selected for the Global Special Award in the Council Selection Category, Next Generation Category.

Masaki Suda and Michopa won the “Best Jeanist Award” for 2nd consecutive year

In this category, 10,000 randomly selected people ranging in age from teens to 50s were asked to vote on their favorite celebrity who looks best in jeans using a social media survey. The top celebrities, both male and female, were selected based on the results. Suda attended the 2022 award ceremony for the first time, missing the previous one because of pharyngitis.

Michopa wore a denim bustier and a long skirt with diagonal cutouts that accentuated her stunning waist, legs, and back. She exclaimed, “I was so happy that I wore a bold costume, but that’s how happy I was. Thank you very much,” after she and Suda won the award for the second year in a row.

Conversely, Suda, who wore black jeans and a brown jacket, expressed regret for being unable to attend last year and expressed happiness at being able to this time and said,  “I’m happy to be able to come this time. Moreover, I’m grateful that I was chosen by public vote.” He commented with a smile.

For the first time in the history of basketball, Japan’s Yuki Togashi is honored with the Best Jeanist Special Award for “Sports Closely Associated with Fashion.”

At the ”40th Best Jeanist 2023” presentation in Tokyo on November 9th, Yuki Togashi, a basketball player for the Chiba Jets in Japan, took home the ”Global Special Award in the Council Selection Category.”

The Japan Jeans Council’s “Best Jeanist Selection Committee” is the organizer and selects the candidates for the Council Selection Category. They must be active and possess an unwavering spirit that will never fade to be selected.

As the captain of the Japanese national team, Togashi took part in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, which was hosted in Okinawa this summer. His efforts helped the team qualify for the Olympics for the first time in 48 years. Because the team’s resistance against a much more powerful nation was “similar to the spirit of ‘Keep on your Jeans Spirits,'” they were selected to receive the award.

Thus far, the award has gone to several male athletes, such as baseball player Masahiro Tanaka, skateboarder Yuto Horime, and soccer players Atsuto Uchida and Keisuke Honda. However, this is the first time a basketball player has been selected.

After acknowledging that the award had caught him off guard, Togashi took to the podium to declare, “I think basketball is a sport that is closely related to fashion, so I’m happy to receive this award.”

For the second year in a row, Masaki Suda and Miyu Ikeda emerged victorious in the Best Jeanist General Selection category. Below is a list of the award recipients.

What is “Best Jeanist”?

There are three categories for the “Best Jeanist” award, which selects the celebrity who looks the best in jeans: “General Selection,” “Council Selection,” and “Next Generation.” A winner is selected for each category annually.

In the general selection category this year, Michopa was selected as the woman and Suda as the man for the second year in a row. Actor Yutaka Matsushige, actress Marie Iitoyo, and a chef/food education instructor were selected for the council selection category. Yuki Togashi of the Japanese national basketball team was selected for the “Global Special Award for the Council Selection Category,” while VTuber Kano, Somegoro Ichikawa, and Riko, a model and actress, were chosen for the “Next Generation Category.” Asuka Wada was selected for the “Council Selection Category Global Special Award.” It was finished.

List of winners of “40th Best Jeanist 2023”

●General selection category

  • Male: Masaki Suda (actor)
  • Female: Miyu Ikeda (actor/model)

●Council selection division

  • Yutaka Matsushige (actor)
  • Marie Iitoyo (actor/model)
  • Asuka Wada (cook/nutrition education instructor)

●Council Selection Category Global Special Award

  • Yuki Togashi (Men’s National Basketball Team)

●Council Selection Category Special Contribution Award

  • Mitsukoshi Isetan Co., Ltd.

●Next generation category

  • Somegoro Ichikawa (Kabuki actor)
  • Riko (actor)
  • Kano (VTuber)
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