5 Small Business Marketing Strategies to Try This Quarter and See Results


Long-term marketing and short-term financial objectives are often at odds with one another, but there are a number of small business marketing strategies you can put into practice right now that can help you succeed in the short term while also positioning you for the long run. These five are listed here.

1. Re-engage chilly leads and establish a mechanism

Your email inbox, social media direct messages, and customer relationship management (CRM) are all full of old leads. You moved on from those who were interested at one point but chose not to buy. However, it’s worth checking because things might have changed. So make sure.

  • Compile a list of contacts that disappeared. three to six months prior
  • To re-engage them, send them a brief note by social media, email, or SMS (sample below).
  • Create an automation to message unconverted leads every one to three months if you already have the necessary resources.
  • Sending campaigns on a regular basis should be on your to-do list if you lack the means to automate it.

“Hello [First Name], it’s been a while since we last discussed how [Company Name] could help you [accomplish your goal].” is a short message you could send. Is now the right time to give that more thought? I hope all is okay with you.” While you won’t pique the attention of every cold lead once more, you will quickly obtain enough of them.

2. Request Google reviews to get more of them

Getting more reviews is one of the top small business marketing strategies to see results in the short and long term. Google is the best place for most businesses to get reviews on. You will rank better in Google search results and attract more clients if you have more Google reviews than your rivals. To increase the number of Google reviews you receive:

  • Make a page on Google Business
  • Obtain the link to your Google review by visiting your profile, choosing “Get more reviews,” and pasting the link.
  • Once you’ve completed serving clients, invite them to write a review for you.
  • Request through SMS, email, voice, or in-person QR code scanning.
  • Make sure you reply to each review.

In order to get started, send an email and SMS campaign to all of your customers asking for their comments. This will give you a lift in the beginning, but asking for reviews should become a regular activity.

3. Build external backlinks for your website and important pages

Getting other websites to link to your website, or earning backlinks, is one of the best strategies to raise your search engine ranks and get referral traffic from those websites. The nice thing is that it’s easy to notice results because most small businesses don’t do this.

  • Most small businesses can obtain high-quality backlinks by concentrating on a few areas.
  • local company listings, such as those provided by your Chamber of Commerce
  • Platforms for business reviews, such as TripAdvisor, Angi, Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Bing Places, Yellow Pages, etc.
  • Write content for online publications such as trade blogs, association newsletters, neighborhood magazines, and local news stations.
  • Offer to quote them for any upcoming pieces that they are working on.
  • Think about supporting governmental agencies, nonprofits, and sports teams; the majority of them will list their sponsors on their websites.

You can find a few lists that are worthwhile attempting to build backlinks on by conducting a fast Google search for “Top [my industry] businesses in [my city]”.

4. Convince them to agree to receive future marketing

For your marketing to be effective, your subscriber list must expand. Although creating that list takes time, you can easily set up methods for subscribers to sign up. Your contact forms, which appear anywhere clients make a purchase or become leads, are the best place to start. Ensure that you are gathering email addresses and mobile phone numbers, and that people may opt-in to receive marketing communications from you by checking a box.

Exit intent pop-up forms on product pages and blog pop-up forms that show up halfway down the page or after 60 seconds are both excellent ways to get new subscribers. These choices are available in most CRMs, email marketing systems, and website builders.

Customers are encouraged to text a phrase to your number in order to opt into offers and other information, and in return, they will receive 10% or 20% off their next purchase. This is why SMS opt-ins are becoming more and more popular. Most of the time, setting up one or more of these alternatives only takes a few minutes. That’s fast and efficient marketing, how about that?

5. Actively participate and post on social media every day

Since your target audience uses social media, you should invest effort in social media marketing, content creation, and audience engagement. Select the one platform where the majority of your target audience is active. Confused about what to say or do? The following suggestions will get you going:

  • Gather all the inquiries you receive from clients and staff, then write articles answering each one.
  • Explain what you do, why you do it, for whom you do it, and the advantages they will experience.
  • Show a day in the life of a person who works for you or for one of your customers.
  • These social media updates don’t have to be ostentatious and extremely polished. Even some members of your audience will find anything a little less formal appealing. You can submit a single text message, a quick video, a few pictures, or anything else you feel like sharing, depending on the platform.

Additionally, you should be striking up discussions and leaving thoughtful comments on other people’s work. By doing so, you not only establish a stronger relationship with them but also instruct the algorithms to favor you and your content the next time you publish.

Komal Patil

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