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A look at the life of Mohammad Taherzadeh, a popular Iranian sportsman and entrepreneur



A look at the life of Mohammad Taherzadeh a popular Iranian sportsman and entrepreneur

Today we are with a popular figure of our country, Mr. Mohammad Taherzadeh,
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I am Mohammad Taherzadeh. I was born on February 9, 1981, in Tehran, Iran. I am an entrepreneur and investor in prominent projects and an athlete in the field of bodybuilding.

Mr. Taherzadeh, does bodybuilding coaching have a good future career?

Yes, given the widespread knowledge of the sport and the only way to reduce inactivity in life and obesity of more than 50% of the population, it now seems that more and more people will be employed in this field and large investments in this field. Gradually, bodybuilding became a complete industry.

What guarantee is there that I will have a good income?

The market guarantee of this sport exists for the reasons mentioned above, but the guarantee of your income depends on your personal activity and talent. Like any other job, you must be active, smart, and have the program to succeed.

What are the first steps I need to take to become a bodybuilder?

You should have basic information about bodybuilding exercises, nutrition, supplements, and training systems, and train at least one year in a training club. Of course, people’s learning talent is different.

Is it necessary to have a work permit in this field?

Yes, after learning the practice and theory of the above, you should receive a third-grade bodybuilding coaching card from the bodybuilding federation.

What do I need to learn to be a successful coach?

Complete information about movement and nutrition, complete information about marketing and advertising, complete information about psychology and public relations with people, and reading a book a month in the mentioned cases and acting on it will make you a successful money-making coach.

Can I teach privately and do programming?

Yes, in one year of internship in a club, you will get acquainted with the generalities of this job, and after receiving a coaching card, you will learn its principles, and with care and experience, you can become a private coach and earn money from programming.

What is the total income of bodybuilding coaches? And how do they calculate?

Coaches are different, and each coach earns money depending on the training he gives.

Is it possible to have only this job and not practice?

Yes, it is possible, but athletes are interested in working with an active and well-formed coach, and they are basically motivated to exercise with him.

We are very grateful that you came and answered our questions in the program, we hope you will always be successful and healthy

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