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A study of music from social aspects with Hamed Hami Top musicians active and pioneers in social issues



A study of music from social aspects with Hamed Hami Top musicians active and pioneers in social issues

How can your work affect social issues?

– That’s a good question. I think all aspects of my work as an artist can have an impact on social issues because I also work in the existing space, so inevitably everything will be influenced by the community.

It is like I am first influenced by society and reflect that effect far and wide. For example, I am always trying to create a culture and strive for gender equality in the media that are available to me. I hope I can help with these issues

Surely I, like any other artist, come up with ideas that make music more visually and aurally appealing to me and my audience. Therefore, the quality of the work is very important to me, and I hope that this approach will have a positive impact on the process of my work. I am very interested in cappuccino music and I have explained this many times fortunately, the new generation is very interested in the type and style of cappuccino music and these dear fans supported me a lot.

As an Iranian artist, I come from a culture that is very rich in terms of music, both among the general public and among artists. I grew up and nurtured Iranian pop music and I have a special sense of devotion to old artists. However, I seek to express pop music in my work which is the feeling of me and today’s generation. And as I said before, I try to respect the interests and style of the generation that follows me and use them in my music and style. We have a young and adolescent generation and even a middle-aged generation in my country who are very interested in cap music and I myself have been a fan of the Kipap style. So in my work, you can see a combination of the color and smell of Kipap music with our own pop music

Also, the public view of society is on artists. Artists should try to be a good model of society’s vote and take steps to reform the culture of society.

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