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Alexa with Generative AI, new Echo devices, the Eero Max 7 with support for Wi-Fi 7, and more are all announced by Amazon



Alexa with Generative AI, new Echo devices, the Eero Max 7 with support for Wi Fi 7, and more are all announced by Amazon

Today, Amazon held an event to unveil a number of new devices and services across its brands, including new Echo, Ring, and Eero products as well as an upgraded speech assistant named Alexa.

A future version of Alexa that is powered by generative AI was showcased by Amazon in order to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, Google’s Bard, and other products. Speaking with Alexa would allegedly feel more natural because of Amazon’s big language model, which has been designed for voice interactions.

For example, if you tell Alexa, “Alexa, I’m cold,” she will know to raise the thermostat. With the help of these new features, Amazon is making it simpler to set up routines and issue several commands to Alexa at once. Other upcoming Alexa features include the ability to sense activity and brightness levels in a space to decide whether to turn on or off the lights, real-time translation tools for audio and video calls, emergency assistance features, and a “Explore” feature that lets children ask Alexa for more details about a topic.

Amazon unveiled the Echo Show 8, a smart home hub and video device, for the Echo. It boasts a redesigned look, a speedier CPU, better audio, and support for adaptive content, which adapts depending on how close a user is to the device. The Echo Pop Kids is a new smart speaker for kids, while the Echo Hub is a new Alexa-powered smart home control panel for managing connected home devices.

Additionally, Amazon unveiled new Echo Frames with built-in Alexa capabilities. The new Echo Frames are lighter, thinner, and have more bass in addition to longer battery life. The same Alexa glasses are also available on Amazon with Carrera Eyewear-designed Carrera Smart Glasses.

Along with a new AI-powered Search feature that mixes generative AI with the Fire TV entertainment catalog, there are a number of new Fire Tablets and Fire TV devices. Users can ask Alexa questions about TV shows and movies and get content recommendations. Users can create artwork and personalized backgrounds on the Fire TV using an AI Art tool that interfaces with Alexa, which is an intriguing AI function.

For improved alert accuracy, the new Ring Stick Up Cam Pro includes 3D Motion Detection based on radar. It may be placed anywhere thanks to the battery, plug-in, and solar options, and Audio+ has increased the sound.

Today, Amazon also unveiled the eero Max 7, a pioneering Wi-Fi 7 mesh network. The eero Max 7 reportedly promises significantly faster speeds, less network interference from nearby networks, and decreased mesh latency.

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