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Amazon Prime increment begins Friday. Here’s how to lock in a membership program at the current cost.



Amazon Prime increment begins Friday. Heres how to lock in a membership program at the current cost.

Amazon declared surprising news about its Prime membership program earlier this month. Time is expiring to secure a lower cost on an Amazon Prime membership before costs increment.

Beginning Friday, Feb. 18, an annual membership for new members will go up to $20 from $119 to $139 and the monthly fee will go up to $2 from $12.99 to $14.99, the organization said toward the beginning of February.

Amazon authorities said the cost of Prime is expanding with “the continued expansion of Prime member benefits as well as the rise in wages and transportation costs.”

For current Prime members, the new cost will apply after March 25 on the date of their next renewal.

In any case, imagine a scenario in which your renewal is after that date. Is it possible to stay away from the expansion?

Indeed, it is possible, however a word of warning that this could require some investment and put forth your question assuming it’s worth the attempt to save $20. It likewise isn’t generally so straightforward as adding to current membership.

The U.S. monthly fee will increment from $12.99 to $14.99, with the annual membership going from $119 to $139.

The online retail giant says the cost increment is because of “continued expansion of Prime member benefits as well as the rise in wages and transportation costs.”

The price change goes into effect Feb. 18 for new Prime members, and March 25 for current members (on their renewal date).

Luckily, there are two or three methods for beating the cost increment:

Option 1: Sign up before Feb. 18

All new Prime members should address the cost increment on Feb. 18, and March 25 for those presently signed up, on the date of their renewal. Be that as it may, there’s a way around it.

Sign up here before Feb. 18 for the annual $119 membership to save $20. You will initially get a 30-day free preliminary, alongside different advantages like rapid delivery and early access to deals.

Option 2: Give yourself the “Gift of Prime”

You can give yourself the “Gift of Prime,” which is the Amazon Prime version of a gift card. Assuming you have an Amazon gift card available, you could likewise use that toward the buy.

To buy “Gift of Prime,” enter your own email as the gift recipient at checkout. Make a point to manually cancel your membership a day before it lapses for expires for this to work.

What is Amazon Prime? What is incorporated with a Prime membership?

Amazon Prime is a membership program that awards clients access to services and advantages unavailable to standard Amazon clients.

An Amazon Prime membership includes the following:

Free shipping
Same-day delivery
Amazon Fresh
Prime Video
Amazon Pharmacy
Prime Music
Prime Gaming
Prime “Try Before You Buy”
Prime Reading

Is Amazon offering any arrangements at present?

Indeed. Here are a few extraordinary deals to shop at present:

Colossal price drops on robot vacuums
Deals on winter boots
Solo Stove fire pits for 17% off
Cut costs on top air fryers
Limited-time deals on patio heaters

Purchase an Amazon Prime gift membership

Time to treat yourself or a friend. Go to Amazon’s website and visit the page for giving Prime as a gift before Friday, Feb. 18. Pick between a one-year membership for $119 or a 3-month plan for $39.

Pick your annual membership, and add it to the cart. After you continue to checkout, type in the recipient’s email address (which could be yours if you’re getting it for yourself), and the delivery date. Save the gift option, then, at that point, follow the instructions on the screen. Amazon likewise says assuming you put in your email address, you have the option of sending the gift subscription.

When you reclaim the membership, you have one more year of Prime at the current cost. Remember, this just gets you an additional long term to keep away from the cost increment, however, you could purchase various gift memberships if you wouldn’t fret tying up cash.

Canceling current Prime membership to get a potential credit

There’s an option to cancel your membership without including customer service. You’ll have to go to “Manage Membership” within the Prime account pulldown and select “Update, Cancel, and more” and follow on-screen guidelines.

USA TODAY wanted to discover more, so a reporter who had until April 24 before renewal did a chat within the Amazon site with customer service after previously buying the gift membership. She was offered a $28 credit for the excess two months of the membership in the chat with the goal that she could enact the gift membership early.

While this sounded simple, the account wasn’t as expected canceled and a second customer service representative said the data given was wrong. After a transfer to a supervisor, the matter was dealt with – the account was canceled and a $28 refund was given “as an exception,” the supervisor said.

Activate Prime gift membership

This is the simple part. Typically, you can simply click a button in the Amazon email with the gift subscription that says “Start enjoying Prime.”

You’ll then, at that point, sign in with a current Amazon account or make a new account. Your Prime membership will begin immediately.

Exchange a Prime gift membership for an Amazon gift card

If you purchased an additional membership or get one, it’s feasible to get a gift card in its place. This likewise can guarantee you’re not out cash assuming you experience issues recovering a gift membership.

As per Amazon’s help topics, assuming you get a Prime Gift Membership yet are now an Amazon Prime or Prime Student member, or don’t have any desire to activate the Prime Gift Membership, you can exchange the Prime Gift Membership for an Amazon gift card.

To exchange your Prime gift membership:

Select Already a Prime member? in your gift notification email.
Then, at that point, select “Get your Gift Card.”
Amazon Prime advantages: Prime Video, free delivery, Whole Foods discount
Amazon said U.S. Prime members got more than 6 billion free deliveries in 2021 while over 200 million members overall worldwide shows and films.

Here is some of the top advantages:

Free two-day delivery on millions of items
Free one-day delivery on more than 10 million items
Free same-day delivery in select areas for orders $35 or more
Streaming and digital advantages with Prime Video, Amazon Music
Prime member deals at Whole Foods Market

When does Amazon Prime cost increment?

For new members, the cost expands beginning Feb. 18 from $119 to $139, and the monthly fee will go up to $2 from $12.99 to $14.99. For current Prime members, the new cost will apply after March 25 on the date of their next renewal.

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