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Google Doodle Celebrates A Brazilian Rapper Dina Di’s 46th Birthday



dina di 46th birthday google doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the 46th birthday of Brazilian rapper Dina Di, who is viewed as the first woman to achieve success in Brazilian rap “Queen of National Rap”, on February 19, 2022.

Who was Dina Di?

Dina Di
Dina Di

Dina Di, the stage name of Viviane Lopes Matias was born on 19th Feb 1976 in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. She was a Brazilian rapper and singer of national rap , vocalist of the group Visão de Rua.

Dina Di was the pioneer and vocalist of the rap group Visão de Rua, which appreciated extensive achievement in the late 90s, and is a pioneer in the history of Brazilian female rap.

Dina Di started her career in 1989 and her career released a few singles with accentuation on “A Noiva do Thock”. However a guitarist at first, Dina Di got the mic in her teenagers and focused her energy on writing rhymes that captured her battles and challenged the entrenched social system.

Dina Di was nominated for a few Brazilian awards and festivals, most notably the Hutúz Award, where she was picked in the Best Female Solo Groups or Artists of the Decade category. She has released a few albums in partnership with the group Visão de Rua.

In her lyrics, Dina Di managed topics like urban violence, sexism, and racism, and released six albums somewhere in the range of 1997 and 2007 alongside Visão de Rua. Awarded and remembered as the first woman to make extraordinary success in rap in Brazil, she is usually treated as the best Brazilian rapper ever.

In 1994, Dina Di led Visão de Rua close by fellow artists Tum and DJ OG. Together, the revolutionary group released their first single, “Confidência de Uma Conviceira” (Confidence of a Convict).

Having spent time behind bars, Dina Di used the song to share the harsh real facts of the women’s prison system. She visited jails to share her music with imprisoned women to inspire positive change and give that kept expectation for a brighter future.

Dressing in baggy clothes so individuals focused on her music rather than her gender, Dina Di exhibited constantly her power of raw lyrical storytelling to battle social injustice, from sexism in the music industry to the excellence and conduct guidelines imposed on women.

With Dina Di, Visão de Rua won Brazilian hip-hop’s esteemed Hutúz Awards for a best female rap group in both 2000 and 2001, getting her title as the “Queen of National Rap.”

She gave birth to her girl Aline on March 2, 2010, getting a nosocomial disease at the hospital she was admitted to which led to her death on March 19, at age 34.

Dina Di is broadly viewed as one of the first women hip-hop and gangsta rap artists to achieve commercial success in Brazil.

Today, women MCs in Brazilian hip-hop thrive and keep on powering the movement of women’s empowerment. Their recognition is interwoven with a social movement worked by women like Dina Di.

On February 19, 2022, Google featured a doodle on its homepage in Brazil for celebrating Dina Di’s 46th Birthday.


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