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Asterian Astrologer Jade Luna predicted Biden’s win with precise details including Trump’s dominance on November 3rd



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Asterian Astrologer Jade Luna not only predicted a Biden win but the exact sequence of Biden’s victory. On the Suzanne Quast podcast Jade Luna stated that Trump would dominate the first night as the Moon would transit Donald Trump’s 10th house conjuncting his North Node and his Sun. Jade further said that at 3am pst the Moon would leave Trump’s 10th house and enter his 11th house. Trump’s 11th house holds his mercury under a star called Typhon (Vedic ARDRA), and Typhon is the god of loss. The Moon would ring Mercury’s bell signaling a loss would start. Jade predicted Biden would become President while Trump protested.

On the Suzanne Quast podcast Jade also predicted that Biden’s health would fail as he entered a Saturn dasha at the end of 2022 and Kamala Harris would become president after. For those new to Jade Luna, he has the highest prediction rate of any astrologer I have studied. Here are his predictions in 2020 alone:

  1. A massive cataclysm to take please between January of 2020 and April 2020. Either a Volcanic eruption, Pandemic or Asteroid hitting earth.
    Humanitarian conflicts (protests) to start in June 2020.
  2. A revised coronavirus map with perfect spike increases that is perfect so far.
  3. A series of hurricanes that wouldn’t land yet the one that did would follow the path of the Godzilla sandstorm. That was 100%.
  4. The omens between 9/21/20-10/16/20 would predict the winner and the omens (at that time 10/7) were favoring Biden.

Watch Jades interview

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