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Attune to the frequency of another person dancing as you vibe to SHAMOUN’s “Back At It”



Attune to the frequency of another person dancing as you vibe to SHAMOUNs Back At It

For SHAMOUN, “Stop Me” has become an all-over-the-country party hit. The song was an immediate sensation with the general audience. At a party, people can’t stop listening to this song. Everyone knows the party is going to be a blast when this song begins to play.

The song “Stop Me” is a departure from the typical house sound. It entices you to move your body while maintaining its own distinct musical style. ” Electronic dance music has never sounded like this before. It’s unlike the vast bulk of the music on the market. Another way in which SHAMOUN stands out from the crowd is because of this quality.

SHAMOUN is well-known for the unique way he approaches music. To make beautiful music, he uses a wide spectrum of musical elements.

After listening to “Stop Me,” you’ll fall in love with the album. Replays of “Stop Me” become addictive after hearing it.

Apart from his charming and musical art, SHAMOUN knows well about releasing new singles that fit the interest of his followers. He has presented multiple songs in 2022 and is working really hard to move at pace with changing environment in the music industry. Having been vigilant as the owl, SHAMOUN wants to be perfectly active with his followers. Besides, He has acclaimed a successful career of marking more than 350k followers on the Instagram.

The farther the songs goes, the more it catches the minds and hearts of the listeners. Back at it has rejoiced SHAMOUN’s followers mainly because of its novel style and modern generic of 2022. Its rhythmic orientation and flow is just awesome that is why; the song has enticed people to listen it for prolong period of time.

Above all, he has unleashed a unique and charismatic approach to the music by amalgamating multiple aspects. Rumor Records and SHAMOUN collaborated on this song. They did an excellent job with “Stop Me.” SHAMOUN’s debut EP and two additional tracks were also produced by them. It was a match made in heaven because it provided us with so many fantastic songs to listen to.

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