Instagram Engagement Groups (also known as Engagement Pods) are group chats/DM groups of real Instagram users that consistently engage with each other’s content to increase each other’s engagement. These groups might not be that easy to find, but they are completely free to use.

Using engagement pods to boost your content with extra likes and comments might seem tempting at first, but beware of the downsides.

Why You Shouldn’t Join Engagement Groups

The amount of time, patience, and dedication that needs to go into engaging in pods to see some results is an entrepreneur’s nightmare. If you are starting a business, wasting time and hard work on Engagement Groups is probably the last thing you need.

Although these groups can help you boost your engagement a bit, their claims of exploding your content are unrealistic. It’s almost impossible to go viral or get on Instagram’s Explore Page with the amount of engagement you get from these pods. Not to mention, the engagement coming from these groups is often generic and easy to spot for both Instagram and your followers.

If Instagram suspects you are engaging in these groups, cheating their algorithm and going against their Community guidelines, they’ll ultimately suspend or permanently ban your account.

Read this article for an in depth evaluation of Instagram Engagement Groups.


Grow Your Instagram Page: What To Try Instead

If you are serious about taking your Instagram page to the next level, consider avoiding engagement groups and using tried and true tips from industry experts:

PowerLikes is essentially a paid, private Instagram Engagement Group, where you don’t have to do all the manual hard work and spam your account whilst liking strangers’ content. After you post, likes from real users start coming in without you having to do a thing. This service is way safer than pods considering your page isn’t illegally engaging with strangers’ accounts. You’ll also save loads of time, which is another huge plus.

Supersize Social is the leading company on Instagram PowerLikes and Followers Growth. Their plans include a wide variety of Likes, Comments, Views, Saves & Profile Visits combinations, but there are other companies offering similar services. Before purchasing, remember to look into the companies and make sure they are legitimate. You can check Supersize Social’s reviews here.

Last Thoughts

Getting quick, free extra engagement on Instagram might sound great, but don’t forget that Engagement Groups are a form of hacking Instagram, which can be very dangerous for your account if you get caught.

As a business or an Influencer, we suggest you keep away from those pods and stick to other growth strategies that won’t jeopardize your page. If you still want a quick and safe boost to your content, try using a PowerLikes service instead.



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