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BarterUnit– Changing The World with a New Income Distribution System



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Have you heard of BarterUnits? What began as a dinner conversation about political corruption, corporate greed, and government intervention, leading to the repercussions of a failing economy and extreme poverty, has resulted in the launch of a community currency – called the Barter Unit. 

We caught up with Phillip H. Perez, Founder of the BarterUnit LLC establishment for some quick Q&A’s.

Question: Phillip, why create a private alternative currency system? Why create a Universal Basic Income system?

Perez: “We’ve created the Barter Unit simply because money has become extremely scarce. For various political and economic reasons, the Barter Unit alternative digital currency and its optional Universal Basic Income (UBI) program is absolutely necessary, especially now in these challenging difficult times. The American people and people all over the world need an alternative income distribution system, an extra source of capital to help get people through hard economic times. Providing people around the world financial security and freedom indiscriminately – in the form of an alternative digital currency is our ultimate goal.”

Question: What “various political and economic reasons” are you referring to?

Perez: “Well, it appears America is on the verge of collapsing. Its chaos out there in the world. It is chaos caused and sustained by political corruption and greed. We have a political and economic system that is governed by corporations. Our system is no longer a democracy, rather it’s a corporatocracy, controlled by corporations strictly for corporate interests – capitalist profits made for capitalist wallets. The American people need to be aware and understand that our political and economic system is plagued with absolute corruption and in dire need of systemic transformation (not reformation). Our checks and balances system have been infiltrated and essentially swept away by greedy corporations, corporations who perceive people as commodities and as slaves.

Furthermore, in the eyes of the elitists and the wealthy, we are perceived as spectators, and sheep who need to be guided, controlled, tamed and distracted, preventing us people from participating in political actions and decisions. That is the perception and the agenda of the specialized class, the elitist. It’s a winners-take-all approach and unfortunately, they are winning, they are succeeding, dividing us (financially, racially and politically), extracting our wealth, instilling fear and uncertainty into our minds, all while simultaneously controlling the world and increasing their profits with undemocratically imposed polices. It MUST end now, otherwise America and subsequently the world will no doubt collapse. We must collectively fight back and stand up to these dictators who have zero regard for the working middle class and poor. Corporations are not people, yet corporations have more rights than people. How is this possible? When did companies become people? It’s absurd, wrong, harmful, demeaning, arbitrary and unconstitutional!

Now to answer your question more precisely, the American people need an economic system they could trust and believe in. The BarterUnit establishment believes that every human being has a basic right to share into the money supply, that every human being has a basic human right to participate in a Universal Basic Income program, to ensure economic freedom, security and equality. Our goal is to create an alternative monetary system that is free from government intervention, Wall Street manipulation, self-perpetuating banking oligarchies, corporate greed and coercion. A closed-loop monetary system providing people a new form of money, money powered by the people, and establish our very own economy, an economy that reflects and promotes true, uncontrolled and unregulated laissez-fair capitalism. That’s why we created the Barter Unit! It won’t be easy, as people are not easily subject to change. But for all those who understand and share the same core values and beliefs as the BarterUnit establishment, this approach, this new concept is a stepping-stone towards a new beginning, a stepping-stone towards the elimination of corruption, a stepping-stone towards the eradication of bureaucratic constraints.

The system is too far corrupted for reformation, it needs immediate transformation. Not to mention, it would take years possibly even decades to undue the corruption. We simply need a new income distribution system, one that is democratically governed, promotes democratic values and ultimately one that protects and advances the people -worldwide. For those reasons alone, is sufficient reasons for me to create a New Age economy – the BarterUnit Economy.”

Question: Regarding the Universal Basic Income program, what monthly amount (if distributed monthly) will qualified individuals receive?

Perez: “The company is set to distribute 1,000 Barter Units, per month, for life, to every qualified human, as a basic human right. There will be no required means-testing, no behavioral-testing, and no demeaning or arbitrary rules and regulations attached. Again, we’re offering every qualified human 1,000 Barter Units per month, that’s 12,000 Barter Units per year, interest free, regardless of income, resources, employment status or geographic location. All you have to do is sign up. It’s absolutely FREE!”

Question: We understand the Barter Unit is being adopted outside the United States. Is this true?

“Yes. That’s absolutely true. We are seeing people from all around the world who are now adopting our egalitarian system. We are also seeing an influx of people participating in our privatized Universal Basic Income program. This is great news, because it means that people believe in our agenda, that is to, independently provide every citizen a Universal Basic Income (UBI) grant in the form of an alternative currency to prevent and reduce poverty and increase higher living standards among citizens worldwide. We have people registering from countries such as the Philippines, Africa, Indonesia and Iran. It’s exciting yet a bit surreal. Furthermore, in the near future, we anticipate a higher influx in registered users, when we integrate and launch the social media feature. The social media feature will be implemented within the next 30 days (or sooner). The feature will enable users to socially collaborate more efficiently and although I’m not at liberty to speak of the social media details just yet, but there will be a surprise reward program implemented as well. So, you see we are creating our very own digital ecosystem.”

Perez is a headstrong entrepreneur, determined to make independent financial structural changes for the American people. The BarterUnit LLC establishment is determined to make the Barter Unit the closest digital equivalent of physical cash without the attachment of bureaucratic constraints. The BarterUnit app is available on the Apple and GooglePlay store.

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