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Becoming the driving force behind the success of his educational portal, is Nicky Taschew, the young and dynamic businessman



Nicky Taschew

His ability to never give up and focus on making his business reach to the maximum people has resulted in gaining him more momentum.

It is at the end of the day the efforts one puts in making all his dreams a reality. All that seems easy is almost always a bit tough and one needs to have the patience, resilience and perseverance to reach their goals in life. Many people can give up half-way, but others with their never-give-up attitude can keep going and show the world that anything can be achieved, if one sets their sight on their goals and work towards them with 100% focus and determination. All this and much more is Nicky Taschew, a young man from Munich, Germany.

Life started quiet early for him as he decided to work with studying simultaneously as a student of international business and psychology. A road trip in Nicky’s life changed everything for him as he met a few guys involved in a network marketing company of America. This gave Nicky the urge to explore the same industry and start earning from an early age. Learning through the process, falling down and getting up, all these things made Nicky stronger in his hunger to create a life on his own terms.

One day his friend introduced him to an affiliate business with Bitcoin and since that day Nicky has never looked back or stopped working. They soon became top affiliates and made over 15 million in sales from 2015 to 2018 selling several Bitcoin investments for other companies. The success they earned, gave them the confidence to launch their own company and make use of the movements and volatility of the market to their advantage. In 2017, they came up with their company named VolumeX.

Nicky today is one of the driving forces behind the success of his company, where he is the head of sales and marketing strategist, a smart content creator, who also takes care of all the market moves. He also mentors affiliates and distributors. With VolumeX, they have given opportunities to people to learn from the e-learning portal the art of trading, while still having control over their money and lead their careers to financial growth, by letting people optimize trading.

Nicky with his team provides knowledge to help them build another income stream with their competent affiliate system and software and also be instrumental in making people become better in all areas. Their educational system is powerful and they provide weekly content to their customers.

Nicky advises all the newcomers or budding entrepreneurs that first they need to make effective use of social media platforms for personal branding, and generate sales through these platforms first, as this will lead to success for the future. It is also important to provide transparency to people about the business and connect with them through unique content and honesty in offering the services, believes Nicky.

He has always given priority to people over profits and this is also one of the essential reasons why Nicky and his firm today are one of the market leaders in the industry. His never give up attitude and his focus on scaling his firm makes Nicky today a success story and an inspiration.

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