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Brad Ahn, Founder of Digital Sports Publication Company Ahn Fire Digital, Shows the Payoff of Dedication



Brad Ahn

Establishing oneself as a successful entrepreneur is one of the hardest things anyone can do, especially when considering the competitiveness that the industry holds. The only thing that gives much hope is the realization that the possibilities are endless, and that there are all kinds of routes to take when creating a business.

One can start his or her own restaurant, create a product, or open a retail store, among other avenues. As long as there’s a strong work ethic and dedication, success can be achieved. This is what Brad Ahn, LA-based founder and CEO of multiple digital publications, learned over the course of the last decade. Scaling to the current state of business hasn’t been a quick process, but it’s been an extremely beneficial one.

Brad, who launched his first brand in the form of a blog about the NBA’s Miami Heat called Heat Nation, has come a long way since 2011. He worked hard, listened to reader feedback, tweaked his systems, and did countless hours of research to be able to provide the best content on the market. 

Since he began his brand, Brad’s knowledge of the industry has grown exceptionally, and it’s been a big help in giving his readers and followers in-depth posts. A piece of advice he offers is to never stop learning, and that there’s always a new way to benefit your business and reach new levels of success.

He eventually perfected his formula and used it to get even more publications off the ground, like in 2014, when he added on Cavaliers Nation and Dolphin Nation. This picked up the pace of his scaling exceptionally. As the company’s popularity began growing, so did its team. Brad curated a handful of writers and editors with impressive sports publishing backgrounds and even gathered a core team located in Los Angeles.

Today, the company runs Heat Nation, Cavaliers Nation, Dolphin Nation, Lakers Daily, and 

its Ahn Fire Digital publication that covers all news related to the 30 NBA teams and 32 NFL teams. That last one was established in 2019 and has been an insane help in skyrocketing the brand to popularity, earning them a reach of 50 million impressions each month across all platforms.

Ahn Fire Digital has also become the main focal point of Brad’s brand, due to the broad news coverage it provides. Despite it being created just last year, it is considered the parent company of all the others.

Since they don’t sell any products, each publication makes its money by offering advertising space. Much like a billboard being put up somewhere or a television show selling commercial slots during an episode, Ahn Fire Digital gives other companies the chance to showcase themselves on a large platform.

It is now one of the quickest growing digital publications in the game and is on track to become a household name. That’s one of its goals for the future: becoming one of the most well-known publications around the world. Currently, the company’s reach is worldwide, with extra love from the Philippines and the United States.

Its support is spreading to more countries and by next year, Ahn Fire Digital hopes to double its numbers and surpass 100 million monthly impressions. At the rate it’s moving now, it’s clear this is an easily achievable goal. Its use of marketing has also been a big help in moving closer to success, especially with the help of social media.

A company is nothing without marketing, and Ahn Fire Digital doesn’t play when it comes to making sure it has an extensive reach. Not only does the company plan to expand, but it also has the opportunity to provide more people with content that has been thoroughly researched and written by experts. Brad knows the importance of investing back into his brand to grow it, and since 2011, he’s been putting money back in to secure the best results for his company and clients.

One can only imagine where it’ll be in terms of success in another 10 years, and judging by where it is now, the future looks bright. To duplicate the same results, Brad has made it a point to remind other business owners to know their audiences better than they know themselves, which helps them stay one step ahead and offer up the most valuable content.


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