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‘Cancer As I Know It’ Book Is Written By India’s First Cancer Coach Sidharth Ghosh



Cancer As I Know It Book Is Written By Indias First Cancer Coach Sidharth Ghosh

Sidharth Ghosh most popularly known as FlyingSidharth is a Cancer coach, a transformer, a marathon runner, a biker and a traveller by passion. He has been a runner since 2008 and has taken an interest in a few marathons post his cancer treatment. He has been included in Star Sports “Believe Me Story”, “YourStory” and a few other media houses. He immovably trusts It is individuals’ strong willpower and positive mindset that in the long run chooses whether individuals end being a cancer victim or a cancer warrior.

The noteworthy story of grit and determination of Sidharth Ghosh whose life ground to a halt when he was identified with an uncommon sort of cancer a month in the wake of running a full marathon. He experienced a few hardships and afterward understood that doing some basic things in life could change him into what he constantly wanted to be. Do such inquiries additionally frequent individuals and their family?

• Why did I have cancer?

• What would it be a good for me to do currently, is it the end?

• What lifestyle changes should I make in life?

The steps and suggestions joined with a mind of somebody who has experienced the very same what individuals might experience right currently make this an unexpectedly meaning and a connected read.

This isn’t the narrative of somebody who woke up one morning and transformed his life. He approached slowly and carefully and drew out these little changes in him and afterward changed his life until the end of time. He battled the disease head on and returned to running and sports within a year of his lifesaving surgery.

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