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God is Present Outside the Church Too!



God is Present Outside the Church Too!

How do birds survive the hail storms? How do kittens and pups sustain themselves without their mothers? How do plants thrive in the harshest of weather? Who saves them?

It’s God.

He turns day into night, wind into storm, and seed into a tree; He listens and sees everyone and everything. But the irony is that we only seek Him within the church walls. We think He will only hear us if we stand across the holy cross and call upon Him with hands joined in supplication. But God is merciful; He listens to even the smallest creatures and provides them with food, shelter, and air.

God is omnipresent; He possesses incomparable power and authority over the world. His omnipresence is an ontological and theological concept and defines our connection with Him. It means He is always there for us; we don’t need a designated place of prayer to talk to Him.

Like Jesus, God also dwells among His people; His presence is inescapable; even when we do good or bad, we are never away from His sight, even for a split second. That’s why we must take every opportunity to connect with Him.

As the saying goes, communication is the key; praying helps strengthen your connection with the Almighty, relaying your sorrows, gratitude, hopes, and worries to Him. For centuries, people approached God through churches, which has now changed for good. The important thing is that we pray and maintain our connection with Him. Dr. Alexander and Angela Ikomoni promote this message in their book, “Casual but Effective Prayers.” It is a religious self-help and guideline around prayers, making them easy and accessible.

Prayers and Place

The connection between these two terms is very significant when we consider our communion with God. There is a prevalent stigma around prayers that only words spoken in the church are blessed to become true by God.

But the truth is that God is omnipresent; He does not need a place or scripture to understand you. He holds the highest authority in this world. He listens to everything you say and feel. But like any other conversation, it is a two-way street. You cannot expect God to hear and fulfill all your wishes if you don’t speak up. Isn’t this how this world works? But to ask for His blessing, you must pray, show your gratitude, and ask for His mercy.

A Peaceful Assurance

When in despair, we often drift away from God.

Thus, it is reassuring to know that God will protect us just like He did with Jacob and brought him back safely to his land. Prayers help you ensure that your case is now in the hands of someone supreme and more powerful than anyone in existence. Being invincibly convinced of the fact that prayers can change fates.

It is the most crucial step to achieve salvation, an affirmation that you have adopted God’s teaching and are willing to do your best to gain acceptance from Him. Instead of keeping “prayers” an option only when trouble arises or a way to get something you want, make it a lifestyle.

The power couple, Alexander and Angela Ikomoni, are helping people adopt this faith-strengthening lifestyle with their book, Casual but Effective Prayers—a detailed guide on daily communication with God.

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