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Digital Gabbar is opening doors of employment and revenue generation: Rohit Mehta



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How often do you find yourself engulfed in the thought of choosing a career? This confusion is fairly common among soon-to-be graduates and even working professionals who are done with the monotonous routines, shrinking growth opportunities, and low income. Digital marketing is emerging as the most sought-after career option in the industry that bridges the gap between the IT and the business industry, both of which which are considered widely different from each other. Rohit Mehta is an established and dexterous entrepreneur with a knack for digital marketing skills who is using his digital platform, Digital Gabbar, to train the next generation of marketers and provide information about many means to build up a passive revenue generation scheme.

Rohit Mehta considers himself to be a geek who loves fiddling with computers and to be in touch with every new up-gradation technology. Digital marketing was a stark transition for Rohit Mehta, who had an illustrious career in the IT industry. He served for over a decade in the IT industry, during which he donned many hats including the position of a senior developer, project manager, etc. Rohit Mehta’s inquisitive attitude helped him to unravel the secrets of digital marketing, which acted as a gateway to expanding his blog outreach. Now, Rohit Mehta is one of the most sought-after digital marketers in the industry who possesses enough experience to make or break a digital marketing campaign.

Rohit Mehta is agonized by the overwhelming number of unemployment that stems from the two waves of pandemics. Digital Gabbar is his attempt to revive the job capturing prowess of many skilled individuals and to train them in building digital marketing funnels and strategies. He says, “Every piece of information on Digital Gabbar is meant for aspiring digital marketing out there. It is very difficult to land a job amid this pandemic and the best way to secure your future is by learning skills that will stay relevant for decades to come. Digital Gabbar has a wide collection of factual information with a blend of personal experience. These contributions on the website are made by eminent digital marketing titans who possess far more experience than you can ever imagine. All of this is free with no deception behind, whatsoever. I feel that there is enough plagiarized and adulterated information about digital marketing available on the web and Digital Gabbar intends to change that. I am also planning to include period interview session with emerging entrepreneurs and influencers who have tapped into the potential of digital marketing to build a sustainable career out of it.”

Digital Gabbar isn’t the only startup by Rohit Mehta. He also launched a digital PR and featured blog site to introduce many extremely talented people who deserve the spotlight. Indian Gabbar enables you to be at the forefront and become a trusted personality backed by credible information. Rohit Mehta’s zeal amazes many digital marketers and upcoming influencers and he is an inspiration to the digital marketing industry.

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