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Resolving The Market Issues: The Anon Approach, Featured in Times Square



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Anon is creating a robust framework to bring scammers into the light.

To celebrate this launch, One Time Square tower in central NYC, the hottest advertising centre in the world, you will find Anonymous BSC spreading the word of their coin just as they begin to roll out their new “vetted” token list – accessible by holding the “Anon” coin.

In the world of digital finance, there has always been wariness and swindles. This has impacted the investors in monetary terms and has troubled their investments until Anon came into existence. Anon developers say out loud that they have declared a war against such scammers to make the crypto world safer for financial transactions. Having an international presence and its developers from various backgrounds, Anon aims to address all the possible wallet issues and resolve them through its robust system. Their goal is to provide an infrastructure to serve as a database or reference for the malicious actors.

Anon has identified a few market issues and they have defined their approach to confronting these issues. The Anon approach could be explained as below:

  1. Anti Abuse

Anon launched a token implying a heavy tax. This tax would degrade over time. The idea behind this is to limit the manipulation and abuse during the launch. This will make sure that the onboarding of community members is aligned with the vision of Anon. The concept behind this is that the tax incentivizes the holders, punishes the bots and people who are not genuine.

  1. Anti Whale

Anon launches a contract governed with a transaction limit, i.e., 100m and a maximum holder’s limit set to 200m. This ensures that there are no massive dumps. Whales are controlling a large portion of supply as the wallets are capped yet ensuring a playing field for all the holders of their token.

  1. Burn Tax

Anon launches this concept where burn tax starts high and then reduces to ensure that the trading activity is sufficient. Anon says that this will make it difficult for whales to exit with large parts of the liquidity. This will ensure a rising price floor simultaneously incentivizing the holders by trusting that there will always be liquidity.

  1. Software Development

Anon developers are building a robust framework for categorizing and monitoring spam and scam addresses. They aim to use legal means to find a resolution so that spam activity could be blocked. Anon Group sees itself as the most efficient and robust system to achieve this goal and make the crypto world a better place.

  1. Promotions and Advertising

Anon aims to combine both traditional and modern forms of marketing and promotion. They project a self-denying goal. They have their fundamental principles of blockchain which they want to adhere to. They are trying to reach out to more and more people to tell them that they are the future face against scam and spam activity.

Anon has a motto ‘proof through action’, which they aim to do with their community. They have proven to be honest and they show their efforts consistently. With this mindset, they are evolving their enigmatic project continuously to make your money safe. This is a revolutionary initiative and if you consider being a part of their community join them here.

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