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Digital Gold: Invest with Spare8’s Digital Gullak



Digital Gold Invest with Spare8's Digital Gullak

In today’s fast-paced world, the landscape of investment is continuously evolving. Young investors, in particular, are looking for accessible, flexible, and innovative ways to grow their wealth. Digital gold has fast become a popular investment avenue, and with this modern approach of creating a digital gullak for your savings and investments, it has become as easy as it gets!

Is Digital Gold A Good Investment Choice?

Spare8 is an innovative platform that simplifies digital gold investment. The concept is straightforward: invest your spare change from everyday transactions into digital gold. This innovative approach allows you to invest every time you make a purchase. Whether you make use of a debit or credit card, or digital payment method, Spare8 rounds up your transaction to the nearest Rs 10 and invests the change in digital gold. Android users can use the round-up feature and set up daily savings, while iOS users can set up daily savings with a minimum of Rs 10. Here’s a few more factors that make digital gold a good investment.

Freedom to Invest on Your Terms

Spare8 allows you to start with as little as Rs 10, unlike other investment options. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can participate, especially young investors just starting their financial journey.

No Lock-In Period: Enjoy Investment Freedom

One common downside of many investments is the lock-in period, which restricts your access to your funds for a predetermined duration. Spare8 acknowledges the need for flexibility and offers a no-lock-in period. This means restrictions do not bind you, and you can redeem your investment in digital gold whenever you wish.

Simplified Investment Process: No Hassles, More Convenience

The platform minimises the complexities associated with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures requiring you to only provide basic information to start investing in digital gold, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience.

Tangible Security: Augmont Vaults and Encryption

While digital gold may seem abstract, Spare8 takes extra steps that guarantee the security of your investments. The actual gold you purchase is stored in Augmont vaults. Spare8 also employs 256-bit encryption, similar to what banks use to protect against fraud.

Why Choose Spare8 for Digital Gold?

Rewards Abound: Refer and Earn! Scheme

Spare8’s Refer and Earn! The programme makes investment even more enticing. You and your pals can earn up to Rs. 500  in free gold by recommending your friends to the platform.

The Element of Fun: Slot Machine Gaming Feature

Spare8 is about more than just investing; it’s about making the process interesting and pleasurable. The platform has a slot machine function where you can win up to Rs 100 by paying just Rs 10.

Gold Leasing: Ensure Steady Growth

With a potential up to 16% return on gold leasing, comprising a 5% fixed return and an 11% average growth, Spare8 provides a unique cost-averaging feature.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a seasoned player in the market or just starting your financial journey, create a digital gullak with Spare8 to secure your financial future. Is digital gold a good investment? It is the absolute best we say!

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