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DIY vs. Professionally Installed Smart Home Systems



DIY vs. Professionally Installed Smart Home Systems

DIY projects can save you money and are a great way to keep you engaged if you love doing them as a hobby. Nowadays, a lot of companies offer smart home systems that come with the DIY option or professional installation. Although it’s easy to set up some home systems such as baby monitors, other projects like a homekit garage door opener can quickly make you realize you are out of your depth and need the services of a professional. So, how can you tell the difference between projects that can be handled relatively easily and those that need experts? Let’s look at a few case examples. 

Simple Smart Home DIY Systems

Most projects that fall under this category are plug-in and play systems. These include smart light bulbs, standalone speakers, home theaters, and voice-controlled power strips. Smart home hubs like Google Nest and Amazon Echo are also easy to install yourself and come with clear instructions on how to set them up. One thing you’ll notice about them is that these systems only need you to connect them to a power outlet, customize your settings, and voila, they are ready for use. Now, let’s switch gears and show you some of the systems that are best left to professionals. 

When to Call in the Experts

If you truly want to achieve automation that integrates all the systems, devices, and appliances in your home, you’ll need professional installation. These installations usually require electrical work and must be done by licensed professionals. 

Smart Doors

Although there are smart doorbells that only need you to undo a few screws, hardwired doorbells and automated doors will require a technician who will ensure it’s installed correctly. A poorly done job can leave your home open to intruders or risk malfunctions that are safety hazards in your home. 


Smart thermostats can lower energy costs by optimizing energy consumption and learning usage patterns. However, these need to be installed by qualified electricians, usually provided by the company selling you their product. A poorly done installation can lead to increased energy costs or even the risk of fires from electrical failures. 

CCTV and Security Systems

Setting up CCTV cameras and motion sensors often requires placing them on high grounds, finding the right spot to fix them, and interconnecting them to one system using cables and Wi-Fi. As you can see, a lot goes into creating a perfect home security system that functions properly. Therefore, it’s best to leave this job to professionals with years of experience installing these systems. 

Smart HVAC Systems

If you plan to install a new heating or cooling system, you will need the help of technicians. They will advise you on the best HVAC system for your home based on the number of rooms and the size of the rooms. Taking such a project alone can take too long to complete or lead to issues such as rooms that aren’t cooled or heated effectively. 


We could list many other projects under the DIY and professional installation categories. However, calling in the experts is the best move if you want the job done right. They will assess your home’s layout and do the installation in the best way to ensure you get the most out of your smart home system. 

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