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Do You Want to Clean Your Washing Machine Filter? How to Find and Clean the Filters



Do You Want to Clean Your Washing Machine Filter How to Find and Clean the Filter

Your dryer’s lint trap is probably familiar to you; ideally, you clean it after each load of laundry. However, you might not be aware that your washing machine also has a filter. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s likely that yours has never been cleaned. But don’t worry, it’s a fairly simple task once you know where to look. This is important to know.

How to find the filter in your washing machine

Make sure your washing machine is unplugged and turned off, with all knobs in the “off” position, before removing the filter.

Consult the owner’s manual for the easiest way to find the location of the filter on your washing machine. You should be able to locate it online if you lost yours or inherited the appliances from the previous owners when you bought your house.

How to find your owner’s manual online

To begin, look for the manufacturer and the model number of your washer. This information is usually found on a sticker that is either on the back or inside the door. Try searching for it on specialized websites like or Manual Owl if that doesn’t work. The handbook may provide you instructions on how to clean the filter and how often to do so, in addition to locating it on your machine.

How to find the filter based on the type of washer

While each model is unique, some washing machine types share common locations for their filters:

  • Top-loading machines: At the end of the drainage hose, on the top rim of the washer tub (a screen you can pull out), or in the center of the agitator (unscrew it).
  • Front-loading machines: Usually located on the front (but occasionally on the back) and hidden by a hatch
  • Modern, highly effective machinery: Usually, these lack a filter.

How to clean your washing machine’s filter

When you remove the filter, it’s likely going to be full of disgusting water, wet lint, and who knows what else. So be prepared with an empty bucket and some rags. After the filter has been removed, take out anything that was left inside the filter compartment. For a better view, consider shining a flashlight inside the area.

After clearing the filter of as much debris and gunk as possible, give it a good rinse in warm, clean water. Any remaining parts of the filter can be cleaned with an old toothbrush, sponge, rag, or cotton swabs and a solution of warm water and mild dish soap or water and white vinegar. After clearing the obstruction, wash the filter in fresh, warm water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

Barbara Costello, also known as “Brunch with Babs” on social media, advises spritzing the interior of the filter compartment with white vinegar and letting it dry before changing the filter to prevent it from becoming dirty again right away. Additionally, she suggests cleaning the filter in your washing machine four times a year. Even though it seems like a lot, remember that it was probably never as gross as it was the first time.

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