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Dr Madhuri Agarwal, CEO Yavana Aesthetics: It’s important to research before going through any beauty aesthetic treatment



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Beauty aesthetic treatments are not easy and they can take a toll if the patients beforehand doesn’t go through a proper research of procedure . Yavana Aesthetics Clinic’s CEO Dr. Madhuri Agarwal stresses on a neat research to all the aspiring beauty treatment enthusiasts. Since there is quiet a lot of costing involved, she feels it’s better to have a mind graph ready in advance.

There are several pointers that she suggest everyone to research before going through the treatment. It includes the material used (if it is FDA approved or not), the qualification and expertise of the doctor involved, the pre and post preparations that the doctors suggest, the maintenance that should be gone through later and a budget mapping for all these. A good trained Doctor who has an experience with several successful clients should be the top priority in the check list.

Dr. Agarwal says, “I would say it’s an investment one makes on their face. Just as you have to keep hitting the gym and follow a regime to maintain your body, it’s important to keep regularly checking on the treatment to maintain it. There’s a lot that one goes through… So doing a proper research is important. The certified doctor and other materials should be given consideration. Researching would help them get a clear picture of how the treatment would go and how the after care should be done.”

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