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Setting An Example for Female Entrepreneurs- Journey of Priya Goyal



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When it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, We usually come across men in this sector. Ever heard of women in this sector? I guess it sounds strange to you. But not strange anymore, As we are familiar with the term “Women Empowerment.” Women are on a remarkable journey of entrepreneurship and leading with positive belief and confidence. Well, To encourage women empowerment, We are here with the success story of Priya Goyal.Priya Goyal is the youngest Woman Entrepreneur and one of the World’s Youngest Web Designer. She is from Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, India.She belongs to a society where girls are not sent out to study further but because of her parents’ support especially her mother, she decided to go out for her study. After completing her diploma from IT Engineering, She got directly selected by WIPRO Limited and served there for one year as an intern. During her internship, she received news of the passing of her mother away and that was a breaking point of her life. Then the responsibility of her entire family fell on her.After a few days’ weeks off, she had to return for her internship. There she realized that this wasn’t where she should be, and she took a decision, A decision to left WIPRO. After completing her internship, she left WIPRO and decided to pursue her passion for coding and joined ITM University for computer science and engineering.In such the worst situation of her family, it was very difficult to take this decision at that time. Because no one in her family wanted her to leave the job because of financial issues, but her father supported her in this decision as well. She left the job. In the third year of her college, she did two start-ups and both failed. She was a little disappointed but she didn’t give up hope.Then she begins her digital entrepreneurial voyage with a minor investment of 50 Rupees. Her passionate and committed behaviour made her attain her goals. Belonging to a middle-class family, she is self-made on the alliance of her commitment. In her third start-up with one of her colleagues Prince Yadav, she started a company named TENACITY, a web-designing and digital marketing company.After working hard day and night, within 6 months, her earnings were more than 1 lakhs per month. In the beginning of the journey, she faced a lot of problems. she also created websites for free, then she started to understand the market space and then slowly her business started growing.Priya Goyal is proof of how hard work and determination will always result in big success. She wants people to believe in themselves and spend their time in excelling their skills, whichever field they chose to be in. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Tenacity provides web design, internet marketing, SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, content writing, and web hosting services to large and small businesses that are looking to broadcast their messages more efficiently. She says a positive approach is of utmost importance to run any new business. Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is leaving an impact on people by motivating, encouraging, and energizing them through her core moralities and her actions are laudable. She says.“Everything We Do, We believe in Giving wings to your dreams. We believe in Thinking differently.”

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