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Ebony Henry Is Carving A Niche As A Successful Philanthropist



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In business, it is more about your surviving skills over just talent. Many people possess talent but only a few remain afloat against all odds. Only a few have that surviving instinct inside them to achieve the goals and remain engaging throughout their business life. Quitting is not an option for these entrepreneurs. They only know they have to survive what may come and make the best in all circumstances.

Ebony Henry has been doing exactly that. She has been building and surviving at all costs. The focus of this entrepreneur is so strong that nothing has been able to make her quit. She has been earning in multiple 6 figures now.

She has her vision set and wants to achieve more. She also plans to help others achieve their dreams. This will help her make a difference in people’s lives and give back to society. She not only dreams for herself but also her community.

The entrepreneur aims to build a community of women business leaders. “I want to see more women in a position of power when it comes to their money and finances,’ says the visionary. She wants to help women earn more income and not walk away from their jobs. Empowering other women and setting businesses for them is her goal.

She wants to give back to the church in this form through her philanthropy work. Ebony feels entrepreneurship has given her more time with family and friends as she is her own boss now.


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