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Edmond Dédé: Google Doodle celebrates US-France musician’s 194th birthday



edmond dede 194th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates the 194th birthday of Edmond Dédé, a free-born Creole musician and composer from the United States, on November 20, 2021.

Who was Edmond Dédé?

Edmond Dédé
Edmond Dédé

Edmond Dédé was born on November 20, 1827, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the fourth era of a free family of that city.

Edmond Dédé moved to Europe to study in Paris in 1855 and settled in France. His compositions incorporate Quasimodo Symphony, Le Palmier Overture, Le Serment de L’Arabe and Patriotisme. For over forty years, he served as assistant conductor at the Grand Théâtre and thusly as director of the orchestras at the Théâtre l’Alcazar and the Folies bordelaises in Bordeaux.

As a boy, Edmond Dédé first learned the clarinet, yet soon changed to the violin, on which he was viewed as a prodigy. He would later proceed to perform compositions of his own as well as those by Rodolphe Kreutzer, a favored composer of his.

Edmond Dédé’s instruction from Gabici finished when he left to look for work in Mexico toward the finish of the U.S.- Mexican War in 1848. At the point when he, at last, got back to the US toward the finish of 1852, he served as a cigar maker, saving money to be able to travel to Europe. He went first to Paris and afterward to Belgium, where he helped his friend Joseph Tinchant set up a branch of the Tinchant family’s cigar business.

Edmond Dédé got back to Paris around 1857 and became an auditeur at the Paris Conservatoire. He learned at the Conservatoire with Jean Delphin Alard and Fromental Halevy.

In the mid-1860s, Edmond Dédé went to Bordeaux to accept up a position as assistant conductor for the ballet at the Grand Théâtre. Within a few years, he found work at the Théâtre l’Alcazar, a popular café-concert in the city. Later during the 1870s, he moved to the Folies Bordelaises. All through Dédé kept on compose art music, which he tried to have performed at the more esteemed Grand Théâtre.

After settling in Bordeaux in 1864, he got back to New Orleans just a single time, in 1893. During the journey to the United States, his freighter sank, occasioning a rescue. At the point when he arrived in New Orleans, three advantage concerts were held in his honor, where he took an interest.

Edmond Dédé died on January 5, 1901, in Paris. A large number of his compositions have been preserved at the Bibliothque Nationale de France in Paris.

Despite living in a time of severe racial discrimination, Dédé’s ability led him to become a world-class composer. The greater part of Dédé’s sheet music is preserved in the National Library of France and a few American universities. His story keeps on motivating contemporary classical musicians to take pride in their heritage and honor the contributions of musicians from historically overlooked communities.

On November 20, 2021, Google featured a Doodle on its home page for celebrating Edmond Dédé’s 194th birthday.

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